Ilan Musk: Dodge Quinn could be an option for payments on Twitter

A few hours ago, Ilan Musk tweeted the idea of ​​adopting Dodge Quinn as a payment method on Twitter. However, as the tone of this tweet shows, accepting Dodge Quinn on Twitter at the moment is just a basic idea.

Tesla & SpaceX CEO Ilan Musk, who recently bought a 9.1 percent stake in Twitter and became a board member of the social network, recently adopted Dodge Quinn as a payment method in one of his Twitter posts, according to DigitalTranslation. The purchase of a special is mentioned account of this social network, namely Twitter Blue.

Since joining the Twitter team, he has posted numerous posts about the various parts and features of the platform, some of which are serious and others have been somewhat entertaining. For example, shortly after Ilan Musk conducted a poll to add the ability to edit tweets to his personal page and 73% of voters agreed, the Twitter team officially announced that it was working to add this feature to its platform.

Hours ago, however, he tweeted a new idea and said:

All users who purchase a $ 3 Twitter Blue subscription per month must receive a verification token and have 20 seconds to edit their tweets, although this time varies. This confirmation mark must be accompanied by [تیک آبی] Official Twitter accounts or public figures are different.

In response to the tweet, Ilan Musk, an Argentine social media user, asked him to reduce the cost of buying a Twitter Blue subscription, saying: “$ 3 in Argentina is money that can be used to prepare food for all members of the social network. family. »رد ».

Ilan Musk also wrote in response to the request of this Argentine consumer:

True. [هزینه خرید اشتراک توییتر] It must be adjusted according to the financial capabilities of individuals and based on the national currency of each country. Maybe even one of the options is to pay with Dodge Quinn?

Ilan Musk: Dodge Quinn could be an option for payments on Twitter
Picture of Elon Musk’s Twitter conversation about the adoption of Dodge Quinn.

The point to note is that Ilan Musk put this part of his tweet about Dodge Quinn as a question that shows that Dodge Quinn’s acceptance of Twitter payments has not been finalized, at least not yet, and probably Ziad is just idea at the moment.

Ilan Musk’s post: Dodge Quinn may be an option for payments on Twitter first appeared in Digital Currency.

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