In what currencies has the largest atrium whale invested?

The latest data from Atrium Whale shows that the richest active address in the network has recently invested about $ 2 million in a lesser-known altcoin. Other tokens in this wallet are among the relatively popular coins on the market.

Atrium’s biggest whale has just made another big purchase and expanded its portfolio to invest in digital currency, according to Daily Hoodel.

WhaleStats, a program that tracks whale activity on various networks, including Atrium, recently announced that Light, Atrium China’s richest blockchain portfolio, has raised $ 500,000 worth of OMG tokens worth $ 2.06 million. Omisego is a second-level portfolio designed to improve the scalability of atrium transactions.

The purchase brought the volume of Omise Go Light Lite tokens to 677,847 for a total value of approximately $ 2.69 million.

Whale Light has more than 300 different digital currencies worth a total of $ 1.91 billion, according to Atrascan. The best digital currencies of this kit are:

  • 35.3 trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens worth $ 843.01 million.
  • 590 million Cronus (CRO) units, born token worth $ 235 million.
  • 48,573 Atrium units worth $ 127 million.
  • 18.5 million Sandbox (SAND) units worth $ 55 million.
  • 28 million Paligan units (MATIC) worth $ 41 million.
  • 16 million units in Disentlandland (MANA) worth $ 41.60 million.
  • 24 million Enjin coins worth $ 31 million.
  • 13 million phantom units (FTM) worth $ 21.36 million.
  • 16 million Lopping Units (LRC) worth $ 12.28 million.
  • 26 million GALA units worth $ 5.9 million.

In addition, the analytical website Will Stats lists some of the best whale tokens purchased in the last 24 hours. The rich Atrium’s 1,000 wallets have bought an average of 412,256 Woo tokens worth $ 206,316 and 50,000 Synapse units worth $ 115,500 in the past 24 hours.

Most tokens have been purchased in the last 24 hours
Most atrium whales have purchased the most tokens in the last 24 hours.

Only the third or third whale in the network bought 41,225,616 tokens worth $ 20.87 million, while another unnamed wallet added 824,990 sandstones worth $ 2.55 million to its wallet.

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