Install Joomla! Direct administrator

Instructions for installing Joomla in Direct Admin; The world of content management systems is in the hands of WordPress, but Joomla! also has its fans. Joomla! is an open source content management system that launches nearly 2 million websites worldwide. This platform has several advanced features that allow you to easily create a functional website. So in this article we will teach you how to install Joomla! Direct Admin, one of the most popular Linux control panels.

Install Joomla on Pars Pack Admin Direct Host

If you provided your Pars Pack host or server, you can install Joomla or any other one-click content management script. When your hosting service has a Direct Admin control panel, you can easily use Joomla in Direct Admin. But if you want to install Joomla! Direct Admin, you can follow the steps below.

Install Joomla! Direct administrator

Step 1: Download Joomla!

First, you need to download the compressed file of the Joomla! from its official website. This file is in zip format. It will be stored on your computer.

Download Joomla for installation in Direct Admin

Download Joomla!

Step 2: Go to the Files folder

In the second step, you need to enter the user panel for direct administrator. The login information has already been sent to you by the seller and service provider via email. It should be noted that you can also enter it through your user panel. After logging in to Direct Admin, click on a file option similar to the one you see in the image.

Settings for installing Joomla in Direct Admin

Steps to install joomla in Direct Admin

Step 3: Go to the Domains folder

In the next step, you can see the folders, domains, roots, and files that have already been uploaded to your host. In fact, it’s the control panel and the direct administrator file manager. Click Domains and select the domain name and address of your website. You can also go directly to the punlic_html folder. In this case Joomla! will appear in your primary URL and domain.

Choose a domain to install Joomla!

Select the domain folder to install Joomla! In Admin Direct

Step 4: Go to public_html

Click the domain name and go to public_html. You will now see that your main host folder is open.

Direct administrator settings for installing Joomla!

Public_html folder in Direct Admin

Any information you upload to this folder will be displayed on If you want to upload information to the subdomain, you can select it; Otherwise, click Upload files to the current directory.

Instructions for installing Joomla in Direct Admin

Enter subdomain information

Step 5: Upload files

Don’t forget to go to the file upload page to install Joomla! Direct Admin. On this page, you are allowed to select files from your device and computer and then click Upload Files. Of course, your host may have a volume limit, in which case you must contact support and the host vendor to remove the file upload limit.

How to install JOOMLA in Direct Admin

Steps to install WordPress script in Direct Admin

Sorry, there is an error checking and installing Joomla! In Direct Admin and any other content management system: Direct Admin may not show you the result after uploading the file. In this case, just refresh the page once or click here to return once you’re done. It is worth mentioning that Direct Admin in the new version shows you the upload speed and …

Tutorial for installing a Joomla script

Joomla! Steps to load in Admin Direct

Step 6: Extraction

At this point, you need to re-enter the same folder where you uploaded the compressed Joomla! File. You will probably come across the file. As mentioned, we are installing Joomla! on public_html and then enter it. In the next menu you need to find Joomla and like the image below, click on the Extract option next to its name.

Download and install Joomla!

The folder where Joomla! Is located.

This page gives you an overview of the content that will be decompressed to install Joomla! Direct Admin. You can change the location to retrieve a directory and folder. However, we suggest you do not do this; Because you want the content to be uploaded to the root folder and the root domain. Then select the Extract option and let this process complete.

Steps for installing Joomla in directadmin

You can change the directory and select Extract.

Step 7: Enter the required information

You will see that the retrieval operation to install Joomla! Direct Admin was performed correctly and this process is considered successful. Joomla! It is currently installed on your domain and you can see its settings if you enter the address of your website. Enter the required data on this page. The first field is for the website, and the second field is for descriptions and other information such as username and password and login email, Joomla account and admin panel.

In this step you need to create a database. To do this, you need to log in to the Direct Administrator control panel and then create a database. Enter the information similar to the image below and click Next. If all the data is correct, you will easily enter the next step.

Create a database to install Joomla!

On the next page, after you have entered the correct information for your database, a confirmation will be displayed asking you to click on the confirmation email to proceed to the next step. In the e-mail settings, select Yes, and in the Summary submenu, click Install.

Confirm the email and install Joomla!  Direct Admin

Step 8: Installing Joomla!

Joomla! The installation is complete. Joomla! It immediately offers you to choose several languages ​​for your website. If you want to enable this option, click Continue; Otherwise, click the Delete Folder option to monitor for security issues and quit. Now your Joomla website! is ready for direct administrator hosting.

Full installation of Joomla!

Joomla! Located on your host as a direct administrator.


Pars Pack in its hosting services allows users to install Joomla with one click and they can install Joomla without any problems according to their needs. But if someone wants to install Joomla on the Direct Admin Control Panel, they can use the tutorial above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install Joomla! Direct Admin?

  1. Download and save Joomla from the Joomla homepage.
  2. Log in to DirectAdmin as the user for whom you want to install Joomla and click on “Files”.
  3. Click on your domain name.
  4. Click ‘public_html’.
  5. Go to the uploaded page and transfer the necessary files to the host.
  6. Get the saved version of Joomla!
  7. Enter the required information, build a database and confirm the email.

2. Joomla is automatically installed on Pars Pack Admin Direct Host?

Yes, if you have a Pars Pack host, you do not need to go through the installation process.

Installing Joomla in Direct Admin for the first time in Parsupak. appear.

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