Investigation of the Shiba Inou Metavars project; More than 100,000 plots and the use of ether instead of SHIB

About two months after the announcement of the developers of Shiba Ino, the details of the metaware of this project were finally released. The Sheba Ino team explained the ranking of the plots, their prices and the benefits that will bring SHIB tokens to the economy, and more details will be published soon.

According to Kevin Desk, the developers of Shiba Ino, Meem Quinn, a rising digital currency market, recently revealed the details of their Metavars project. According to the Shiba Ino team, 100,595 plots will be offered in this virtual world, some of which will remain private.

These virtual domains will be offered as a sale stage, the first stage of which took place only a few days ago, and the second stage is currently underway. In the first phase, 36,431 plots of land will be vacated, which will be divided into four designs named Silver Fur, Gold Tail, Platinum Paw and Diamond Teeth and between 0.2 and 1 atrium. They have a price.

The first phase lasted 72 hours, during which consumers entered the auction, locking their LEASH tokens and SHIBOSHIS NFT on the official website, and finally the land was sold at the highest price. The second phase will take place after seven days without an auction and consumers can get land by locking Lish tokens and NFT in the SHIBOSHIS package, except that capacity is limited. In the third stage, the sale starts publicly and consumers can buy the remaining land at a fixed price, which will also take 10 days.

The team decided to use neutral digital currency for field pricing to make sure that transactions in these virtual fields do not have a negative impact on Shiba Inu’s own token, SHIB.

The developers of Shiba Ino said in this regard:

Using our own ecosystem tokens can be problematic, as the cost of Shiba Inu decreases with redemption, which is against our plans.

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According to the development team of Shiba Ino, buyers of these fields can also earn more money through various methods, gather resources in the game and reward others. The Shiba Ino team has announced that it will soon announce more details about these methods.

In addition, landowners can change or rename their plot using the Shiba Inu token or burn it.

The announcement for the launch of Shiva Metavari reads:

The first special role that the “SHIB” token will play in Shiba Inu Metavar is the issue of token burning. In this new mechanism, people can change the name of their land in exchange for burning tokens. This program started immediately after the public sale of the land.

Shiba Ino developers also said that other tokens in the Shiba Ino ecosystem, such as LEASH and BONE, will play a bigger role in expanding this meta-transformation. According to them, token holders can buy land in the next stages.

It is worth mentioning that this meta-transformation takes place in Shibarium, the network of the second layer of Shiba Inu.

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