Judicial spokesman: If we do not act in time to legalize digital currencies, we will regret

Zabihullah Hodeyan, a spokesman for the judiciary, said he would be sorry if the authorities did not take action before the number of digital currency frauds increased.

According to Arzdigital and quoting IranPress, Zabiholah Khodayan, a spokesman for the judiciary, stressed at today’s press conference in response to a question from reporters about the problem of cryptocurrencies:

The head of the judiciary, Mohseni Ejay, called on the central bank to intervene as soon as possible to resolve the issue and do so if regulation or a ban is to be imposed.

Hodayan said about dealing with those who cheat in this area:

Unfortunately, there have been many cryptocurrency frauds and several lawsuits, such as the Cryptoland case, which had approximately 289,000 users and a 6-month turnover of about 3,000 billion tons. Dollars and more than 200 billion tons, which have been identified and distributed among the victims of the timely actions of the judiciary and judicial staff.

He stressed:

The authorities must not easily ignore this issue, and before the number of frauds increases and is damaged, the relevant authorities must resolve this issue with the assistance of the judiciary, and if this is not done in time, we will regret it later.

The post of Judiciary Spokesperson: If we do not act in time to legalize digital currencies, we will regret that it appears for the first time in digital currency.

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