Last month, Defy tokens and Quincy Prius tokens showed the best performance

In April, tokens related to Level 1 networks and Decentralized Finance Protocols (DeFi) caused the most losses to their investors compared to other sectors. While other sectors had similar conditions during these 30 days of privatization, coins were the only group to make a profit for their investors.

According to Quin Desk, Kraken’s exchange survey last week found that memes like Dodge Quinn and Shiba Inu performed relatively better in April than other categories. In addition, while April was a relatively good month for digital currencies, the price of decentralized financial tokens or Defa, including Aave and Thorchain, fell sharply during this period.

Defy tokens, as well as tokens related to first layer networks or major blockchain blocks, lost 34% and 33% of their value in April, respectively. Meanwhile, bitcoin has fallen about 17 percent this month. It should be noted that the protocols in the Difai section use smart contracts instead of third parties to provide their services (in areas such as token transactions and crediting).

Diffie tokens have lost an average of more than 71 percent in value over the past year, making investors the biggest losers in the market. However, the price of the Atrium (the native token of the Atrium blockchain, on which most Diffie protocols are built) increased by 3% during this period.

In the last month, however, the lowest loss among active tokens in the defense sector was 22%, and the highest loss was related to the Chinese bull with a 51% drop in price. Among the tokens associated with the first layer of corrugated blocks, the price of Solana, Olench and Near Protocol has decreased by more than 34% in these 30 days.

Revenues from protocols in the defense sector also fell in April. The revenue from these protocols comes from the financial activities of consumers and traders have to pay a small part of their trade volume to the protocols as a fee. The reason for this decrease in revenue is probably the lower price of Defai tokens and, as a result, the decline in investor interest in them.

For example, this month the revenues of the SushiSwap platform and the decentralized Balancer exchange fell by 29% and 66%, respectively. CoinGecko data shows that swap and balance sushi tokens also lost 45% and 18% of their value last month, respectively.

Last month, Defy's chips were the worst and Meme Quins the best
Sushi swap price chart for the last 30 days; 4-hour view of Sushi / Tetr market.

Crow and Uni Swap were the only Diffie projects to increase revenue last month. Revenues from these protocols increased by 51% and 13% respectively in April compared to March. However, as it turns out, the positive fundamentals associated with these projects have failed to attract buyers to the market for these digital currencies; Because the price of their tokens during these 30 days decreased by 15 and 34% respectively.

Last month, Defy's chips were the worst and Meme Quins the best
Revenue changes for Diffie protocols in April.

Exchange memes and tokens performed relatively better than other categories of digital currencies. The price of copper coins fell by an average of 19 percent in April, and the price of tokens from exchanges such as OKX and FTX fell by only 13 percent. However, the best performance comes from the price of coins like Monroe, which have risen by an average of 16 percent in the last month.

In addition, although the number of NFT users in April did not change much compared to previous months, trading activity in this area increased and the average daily trading volume of these tokens and their average transaction amount was about 40 %. It became more.

Last month, CryptoPunks, a popular Atrium-based NFT package, lost popularity among investors, dropping third in market value for NFT packages. On the other hand, with the growing popularity of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, this market value of $ 2 billion managed to climb to second place.

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