Leading analyst: Polkadat may be one of the best currencies for 2022

One of the most popular analysts in the digital currency market said that the supply of Polkadat has special conditions and a slight increase in demand for this digital currency could bring its price up to three times above current levels.

According to CryptoGlobe, the popular YouTube channel Coin Bureau, which specializes in analyzing digital currencies and interpreting market events, predicts that Pulcadat may perform very well in 2022 and surprise investors.

Polkadat is a network protocol that allows investors to transfer their favorite data (not just tokens) between different blockchains. This means that Pocadat has a real environment for many chain applications, in which tasks such as recording and computing in the middle of the chain can be performed. Polkadat may transfer this data between public, open, unlicensed blockchain and even private, licensed instances.

Using this feature, we can create applications that receive authorized data from a private blockchain and use it in a public blockchain. For example, a chain of student records from a school that is a private blockchain can be sent to a smart contract in a public blockchain designed specifically for “certification.”

Polkadat “connects a network of heterogeneous blocks called parachins and parathids (parallel chains)”. These chains are “connected to and secured by Pulcadat Rail”. In addition, “they may be connected to external networks via intermediate circuits”.

Bainance Academy writes in a description of Chinese parachutes and rails:

In the ecosystem, Polycadat Paracin (parallel porcelain block) is a unique porcelain block and its main chain is called China Rail. Importantly, Chinese parachutes and rails can easily exchange information at any time. Parachutes are like the unique atrium pieces 2.0.

The description follows:

Any developer, company or individual can process their own custom parachute via Substrate. Substrat is a framework for creating digital currencies and decentralized systems. When a custom chain is connected to the Polkadat network, it can interact with other parachutes in the network.

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Polkadat may experience threefold growth

A prominent analyst known as Guy said in a Kevin Bureau video that Polkadat has significant potential this year and could become one of the best digital currencies of 2022.

Guy explained that Polkadat failed to reach the target price expected by most analysts in 2021 and may have a good upward trend this year. He explained that despite the fact that the price of Polkadat has decreased by about 50% compared to October 2021, there are new updates and improvements in its network, which should be taken into account when calculating the value of this growing project.

Guy says:

In addition to Bitcoin and Atrium, Polkadat is the most popular digital currency for institutional mutual funds. In addition, the popularity of this digital currency is much higher than other pennies on the market. On the other hand, institutional investors in digital currencies have been withdrawing their capital since November 2021 (November), especially from the market for instruments such as Polkadat. Of course, such things happen a lot.

Guy explained that since November, the prices of all digital currencies have fallen, prompting investors to withdraw from the Altcoin market and enter the Bitcoin market. However, he said in the video that in recent weeks, institutional investors have become less interested in the market and have created weak price movements.

Guy stressed that the supply of Polkadat in circulation is slightly limited and only 50 million new units have entered the market since October 2021 (October). He explained that some of the units of this digital currency were locked in instant auctions of Polkadat parachutes and 52% of its current supply was also shares. As a result, the new 50 million units are not very large and look small compared to stocks and locked units. Guy said Polkadat’s “slight increase in demand” could dramatically raise the price of the digital currency to three times its current level.

He says:

If demand for Polkadat increases, the digital currency will return to its previous peak of $ 52. [احتمالاً] It reaches a new high of $ 60 to $ 70.

The publication of a leading analyst: Polkadat may be one of the best currencies for 2022, appeared for the first time in Digital Currency.

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