LightSpeed ​​license price along with an overview of the terms of purchase of different types of LiteSpeed ​​licenses

LightSpeed ​​License is a group of software designed to manage the content of Internet sites. These software are installed on special devices called “Web Server”. As a result, the content of one or more sites is displayed to users using the Internet and computer browsers.

With the advancement of technology, the digital world has undergone many changes. Web servers are one of those human advances that have made it possible to access data from remote sites. Web servers are available for free and are shared with various restrictions to make site management easier.

From the very beginning, various web servers have been designed and implemented. Apache and Nginx are LightSpeed’s main competitors. Existing licenses for LightSpeed ​​Web Server are not free and only the free version comes with restrictions. However, there is a wide range of content that will be a good choice for webmasters.

What is a LightSpeed ​​web server?

As we said, LightSpeed ​​is a web server with a set of proprietary software on certain devices. The content of web pages is created using this web server and displayed on a computer screen with a browser.

In fact, the web server responds to the site’s request. These requests are in the form of two common forms HTTPS: // and HTTP: //. As a result, when there is no web server, the browser will not be able to respond to the site’s request. When the request is not answered, the connection to the site is not established and the error “Connection to the site is not possible” is displayed.

It is called a web server because LightSpeed ​​participates in the full display of the content of the pages of the sites and shows all of them to users. Webmasters need to be able to display the content of their sites using web servers to provide content. LightSpeed ​​Web Server is one of these software for displaying complete data on the site.

The price of the Light Speed ​​license is divided according to its important features and characteristics. CPU, RAM and domain are very important when reviewing existing LightSpeed ​​Web Server licenses, which are discussed in full below.

What is a light speed license?

Introducing the LiteSpeed ​​Web Server and LightSpeed ​​License Purchase Guide

LightSpeed ​​web server versions available

The LightSpeed ​​web server is usually designed and presented in three common versions with different types. Each of these versions comes with several features and limitations, which are discussed below.

  • Open LiteSpeed ​​Edition

This version of LightSpeed ​​Web Server works well for large, high-traffic sites.

  • Standard

It is more effective for small sites with low traffic.

  • Enterprise

In terms of functionality, it is different from the previous two versions and comes with more features. Works for large high traffic sites with different hosting panels.

Light Speed ​​server

Using a LightSpeed ​​Web Server and the Benefits of Purchasing a LiteSpeed ​​License

Presentation of the types of licenses for light speed

Web server power is an important factor in classifying LightSpeed ​​licenses. This means that a number of ongoing processes affect the segmentation of LightSpeed ​​web server licenses. Many other important factors are structurally effective in classifying the speed of light, which we have considered in tabular form.

Light speed license type processor RAM domain Redeeming
Free 1 core 2 GB 1 does not own
Site owner 1 core 8 GB 5 there is it
Owner of the Plus site 1 core Unlimited 5 there is it
Web Host Lite 1 core Unlimited Unlimited there is it
Basic web host 1 core Unlimited Unlimited there is it
Web host professional 2 cores Unlimited Unlimited there is it
Web host enterprise 4 cores Unlimited Unlimited there is it
Elite for web host Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited there is it

Internal price list of Light Speed ​​license

In terms of price, licenses will vary depending on CPU power, the amount of data stored in RAM and the domain. In general, the price of each of the licenses of this web server in Iran is as follows:

LiteSpeed ​​license type Price of a license for one month Price of a license for one year
StarFreeter Free Free
Site owner 263,000 tons / 400,000 tons 4,400,000 volumes
Owner of the Plus site 389,000 – 640,000 volumes 7,040,000 volumes
Web Host Lite 702,000 – 1,104,000 volumes 11,440,000 volumes
Basic web host 972,000 – 1,440,000 volumes 15,840,000 volumes
Web host professional 1,242,000 – 1,840,000 tons 19,960,000 volumes
Web host enterprise 1,755,000 – 2,600,000 tons 27,960,000 volumes
Elite for web host 2,484,000 – 3,680,000 tons 39,960,000 volumes

    Shared license for speed of light

Types of joint and exclusive Light Speed ​​licenses and the purchase price of the license

Price list of foreign speed licenses

Regarding the price of reputable foreign sites, there are different tariffs for different types of licenses for this web server. Each of these licenses is divided into different types according to the processor and domain, which also face price differences.

Light speed license type Price of a license for one month
StarFreeter Free
Site owner $ 10
Owner of the Plus site $ 16
Web Host Lite $ 26
Basic web host $ 36
Web host professional $ 46
Web host enterprise $ 65
Elite for web host $ 92

Terms of purchase of Light Speed ​​license and sellers

Buy the web servers you need from reputable and legal sites. Tariffs set at the price of a Light Speed ​​license will help you make a more secure purchase. There are many reputable Iranian sites for purchasing a shared and exclusive LightSpeed ​​license, from which you can purchase the product you need by doing a short Google search and checking the site.

But there is another possibility to prepare and purchase a license for the speed of light. Reputable sites in foreign and English are also a good and safe choice for buyers of web servers. LiteSpeedtech is one of the most trusted and trusted sites for selling LightSpeed ​​licenses. Of course, please note that all licenses on this web server are subject to the rules of this site.

Buy a light speed license

How is it possible to purchase a light speed license?


Light Speed ​​License; As mentioned earlier, web servers respond to site requests. The LightSpeed ​​license also consists of the same software as the web server that corresponds to the site. This response shows the page and information about a site to the user and site visitor.

This web server is a good choice for website enthusiasts and a good alternative to the Apache web server. An application that simplifies data simplification to help your site display information well and perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Light Speed ​​server?

Light Speed ​​is a type of web server software used to display site content.

2. How to install zero speed of light?

This is a specialized process, so we suggest you use experts in this field.

3. How does the LightSpeed ​​Shared License work?

When the license code is provided to the software, the program automatically detects the subscription, so after a certain period of time your license will be automatically deactivated and you will need to obtain a new license to use the server.

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“acceptedAnswer”: {
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“text”: “هنگامی که کد لایسنس به نرم افزار ارائه می‌شود، برنامه به طور خودکار اشتراک را تشخیص می‌دهد در نتیجه بعد از سپری شدن مدت زمان معین، به طور اتوماتیک لایسنس شما غیر فعال می‌شود و برای استفاده از سرور لازم است تا لایسنس جدید تهیه کنید.”

He wrote the price of the LightSpeed ​​license together with a review of the terms of purchase of LiteSpeed ​​licenses for the first time in Parsupak. appear.

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