Market condition: Study the levels of support and resistance of professionals in digital currencies

As it turns out, the price of bitcoin is stabilizing above the level of $ 43,000 and the chart of this digital currency is moving towards a recovery of the level of $ 43,500. Bitcoin is currently trading in the range of nearly $ 43,600 and faces key resistance of about $ 44,000.

According to Crypto News, most of the major coins are also trying to make waves to recover lost prices. Atrium needs to break the $ 43,600 resistance to make up. XRP is fighting in the $ 0.80 range, and Cardano is still below $ 1.10.

Market condition: Study the levels of support and resistance of professionals in digital currencies
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Bitcoin prices

After a sudden drop in the price, bitcoin was supported close to the level of $ 42,800 and managed to stabilize its position above the level of $ 43,000 and start growing at a rate of 1% in one day. After crossing the $ 43,500 level, the price of bitcoin has improved, but may soon reach the level of $ 44,000. In that case, Bitcoin will face key resistance in the $ 44,200 zone, which could climb even faster if it breaks.

If bitcoin follows a downward trend, it will face the first support in the range of 43,200 dollars. The next key support is in the order of $ 43,000 and if this support is violated, the price of bitcoin will fall even faster.

Atrium price

Atrium also maintained support in the $ 3,150 range after recent price declines and managed to stabilize above the $ 3,250 level. The price of this digital currency is now rising by 2% overnight. Atrium’s key resistance is close to the $ 3,300 level, and if that resistance breaks, to the $ 3,380 range, no other important resistance will advance to Atrium.

But if Atrium’s price trend isn’t bullish, we may face the $ 3,200 price range again. The next key support is in the $ 3,150 range, and if that support is broken, the price is likely to drop to $ 3,050.

The price of altcoins

Cardano is trying to reach the level of $ 1.10 and more. His first key resistance was in the $ 1.12 range. If this resistance is broken, supporters of raising the market price of this digital currency or so-called market cows will gain more power. Cardano’s next key resistance is in the $ 1.15 range.

The BNB is also recovering and trying to approach the $ 440 level. The first resistance of this digital currency is in the range of $ 442. It may take $ 442 to stabilize the price above $ 455 again.

The price of Solana, with a price increase of more than 7%, exceeds the level of $ 120. The next key resistance for this digital currency is possible close to the $ 125 level. Stabilizing above the $ 125 level can push the price to the $ 132 level.

The Dodge Quinn also rose in price and moved towards $ 0.150 resistance. The main resistance of this digital currency is close to the level of $ 0.1555. If the price remains above this level, it will be possible to rise to the level of $ 0.162.

The price of XRP is rising and approaching its key resistance of $ 0.80. Closing the price above this price level will be necessary for the rapid growth of this digital currency. Otherwise, the price may re-evaluate the presence at $ 0.75.

Other market coins also grew by 5 percent. Among altcoins, Classic Atrium jumped 10% to over $ 43 and managed to reduce its weekly loss to 8%. Today, Nir Protocol also managed to achieve the best performance among the 100 best digital currencies on the market. The digital currency jumped 19% to more than $ 18 and increased its weekly profit to 35%.

In short, the price of bitcoin is about $ 43,500. If bitcoin rises above $ 44,000 and then above $ 44,200, one can hope for a wave of price recovery. Otherwise, the price reduction below $ 43,000 may resume.

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