Market condition: Study the levels of support and resistance of professionals in digital currencies

The price of bitcoin has crossed the level of 41,500 dollars and reached over 42,000 dollars and now fluctuates around 42,200 dollars and is trying to stabilize the price over 41,600 dollars. Bitcoin is expected to support $ 41,200. Bitcoin is growing at a rate of one percent per day and just over one percent compared to the previous week.

According to Cryptonews, most of the major altcoins are also trying to regain lost levels by maintaining their uptrend. Atrium hit $ 3,150 before the price adjustment. XRP failed to break the $ 0.78 resistance. Cardano is trying to break the $ 0.98 resistance.

Market condition: Study the levels of support and resistance of professionals in digital currencies
Total market capitalization on an hourly basis

Bitcoin prices

After jumping above the $ 41,500 range, the price of bitcoin rose sharply to $ 42,000. Proponents of her case are working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. After the price drop, deals are registered around $ 41,500. If the $ 41,200 support is broken, the next key support is close to the $ 40,800 level. If this support is violated, prices can return up to $ 40,000.
The closest bitcoin resistance ahead is in the $ 42,000 range. The next key resistance is likely to be at $ 42,200. If this resistance is broken, the price is likely to rise faster.

Atrium price

Atrium managed to break the resistance of $ 3,120. The digital currency even surpassed the resistance of 3150 dollars, but soon its price adjusted. Atrium is currently stabilizing below $ 3,100 and feels support at $ 3,080. The next key support will be close to the $ 3,050 level. If these protections are violated, the price could drop to $ 3,000.
But if Atrium rises, it is likely to face resistance in the $ 3,150 zone. The next key resistance will be close to the $ 3,220 level.

The price of altcoins

Cardano tried to stabilize above the $ 0.95 level, but failed because he failed to break the $ 0.98 resistance. Now Cardano’s price chart has returned below the level of $ 0.95 and is priced at $ 0.932.

The BNB maintained its upward trend and passed the resistance of $ 425. The digital currency then had to test resistance at $ 432, but supporters of falling prices or so-called market bears prevented it from continuing its upward trend. With this adjustment, the price returned to $ 420.

Solana could not resist the $ 110 resistance again. The price of this digital currency is falling and could reach $ 102 support. If this trend continues, the price of Solana will be significantly supported in the range of $ 100.

The price of the Dodge Quinn could not stay above the resistance of $ 0.145 for a long time and fell again. The price of this digital currency is now at $ 0.140. If the downtrend continues, the price could fall to $ 0.135.

XRP is also declining and approaching $ 0.75 support. If the price manages to stabilize above this support, it is possible to start a new upward trend towards the zone of $ 0.78. The key resistance of this digital currency is still in the range of $ 0.80.

Other coins on the market also grew positively. Zero X managed to break the resistance of $ 1.10 with a growth of 54% and increase its weekly profit to 45%. The price of this digital currency has more than doubled in the last month. Meanwhile, among the top 100 digital currencies on the market, Zilika jumped 19 percent to $ 0.13. The weekly profit of this digital currency has reached 17%.

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Overall, bitcoin is still trading above $ 41,000. If bitcoin manages to stabilize above the $ 42,000 level, it will continue to grow faster.

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