Market situation: ‌ Bitcoin and Atrium are reforming at the same time as some coins jump

The price of bitcoin failed to stabilize above the level of 43,200 dollars and is trading at the support of 42,000 dollars. Currently, Bitcoin tends to move below the level of $ 41,500 with a price drop of almost 5%.

According to Crypto News, most big pennies are also on a downward trend. Atrium fell 6 percent to below $ 2,750. XRP fell nearly 6 percent, and Cardano fell below its key support of $ 0.9.

Market situation: ‌ Bitcoin and Atrium are reforming at the same time as some coins jump
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Bitcoin prices

The price of bitcoin could not stay above the support levels of $ 43,200 and $ 42,500 and moved below those support levels to the point where it is trading below the $ 42,000 level. Bitcoin then tested its $ 41,000 support and is now hovering around $ 41,400. The closest support for bitcoins is in the range of $ 41,050, and the next key support is close to the level of $ 40,000. If the price of bitcoin exceeds these levels of support, then it will fall sharply.

If the price rises, it will meet resistance close to $ 42,000. The next key resistance is close to $ 42,550, and if Bitcoin overcomes that resistance, it will rise very quickly.

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Atrium price

Atrium prices are also falling, falling more sharply after breaking support at $ 2,880 and are now approaching the $ 2,700 support zone. The next key support is close to the $ 2,650 level, which could fall to $ 2,500 if broken.
If the price of the Atrium wants to rise, it will face its first resistance in the $ 2,800 range. If this resistance is reversed, Atrium will face a $ 2850 barrier.

The price of altcoins

Cardano also broke support from $ 0.92 and is now trading at around $ 0.90. There are also signs of falling prices to $ 0.88. If market bears continue to push harder for lower prices, Cardano’s price could fall below $ 0.85.

The BNB also fell below $ 400 a barrel, down 3 percent. The price is currently trading close to the $ 388 support level. Further reductions could push the price up to $ 365.

Solana also dropped $ 95 support with a price cut of 8%. The price is currently approaching $ 90. Solana’s next big support is around $ 85, which seems to mean that the digital currency intends to test the $ 80 level as well.

The Dodge Quinn is trading at $ 0.1265. If possible, the price could even drop to $ 0.12. If the price goes up, the first support is close to $ 0.130 and the next support is $ 0.132.

XRP is also trading below the $ 0.75 support level. The $ 0.72 support is still valid now, but if that support fails, the price will drop to $ 0.70.

Prices of many other altcoins have fallen by more than 5 percent. Meanwhile, OKB and WAVES are on the rise, trading with a 10% jump in the $ 20 range.

In general, the price of bitcoin falls to support of $ 40,000. If bitcoin can stay above this support, there is a risk of a rapid decline in the price ahead.

Market situation: ‌ Reform of bitcoin and Atrium simultaneously with the jump of some coins appeared for the first time in the digital currency.

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