Market situation: Bloody day of all leading digital currencies

Bitcoin, which tried to break the $ 40,000 resistance yesterday, failed to do so and resumed a new wave of falling prices, falling to $ 38,500. The price of bitcoin fell 8% in one day and is currently stabilizing at about $ 36,500. The price of bitcoin has decreased by the same amount compared to last week.

According to Cryptonews, most of the pennies on the market have also experienced a sharp drop in prices. Atrium’s $ 2780 and $ 2750 support failed to survive the sharp drop in prices. XRP lost support at $ 0.60 and even felt the risk of falling below $ 0.58. Cardano also traded down 11 percent, now trading below $ 0.8.

Bitcoin prices

After the price of bitcoin fell to the level of 40,000 dollars, the range of 38,500 dollars was tested and the price reached below the level of 36,500 dollars. Currently, prices are above $ 36,200. The first bitcoin resistance is in the $ 37,000 range, and the next key resistance is now at $ 37,500.
If the price wants to maintain its downward trend, the initial support is close to $ 36,000, and the next key support is in the range of $ 35,400. If this support is broken, the downward trend in the price of bitcoin will intensify.

Atrium price

Atrium also began to fall before breaking the $ 2,950 resistance and fell to $ 2,700, although it managed to make up for some of the losses and is now stabilizing close to the $ 2,750 level. Atrium resists in the $ 2,800 range. The price of this digital currency has decreased by about 7% compared to yesterday and 6% compared to the previous week.
If the Atrium trend continues to decline, the first support is in the range of $ 2,700. The next key support is in the $ 2,680 range, which is likely to fall to $ 2,620 if it breaks.

The price of altcoins

Cardano reversed its recent uptrend, falling from $ 0.85. Cardano is expected to fall to $ 0.80 and break the resistance of $ 0.75.

The BNB lost $ 380 in support, down 6 percent. If proponents of falling prices remain active in so-called market bears, there is a possibility of lowering prices to $ 365. But if this digital currency takes an upward trend, it will face resistance in the $ 385 range.

The price of Solana also fell before reaching $ 90 and fell below the support of $ 85 by 12%. The next key support is in the $ 80 range.

Dodge Quinn lost $ 0.130 support and even dropped to $ 0.125 support. If this support is broken, the price will drop to $ 0.122.

XRP also traded under its support of $ 0.60 and even fell to $ 0.58, but recovered. The price of this digital currency has decreased by 7% compared to yesterday. To hope for the beginning of an upward wave in the price of this digital currency, the price must exceed $ 0.632.

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All of the top 100 digital currencies on the market are declining today, and many have experienced more than an 8% drop in prices. Among them are the price of ApeCoin with a decrease of about 18% and the price of “STEPN” with a decrease of 20%.

In short, the price of bitcoin fell and the key support of $ 37,500 was broken. If a wave of price recovery begins, these lost pillars will appear in the role of resistance.

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