Market situation: Digital currencies are returning

Bitcoin is well under control of the downtrend and plans to climb, remaining above the $ 25,000 range. Bitcoin is currently just above the key resistance of $ 30,000 and is trading at around $ 30,500. Bitcoin has risen 6 percent since yesterday, but is still down 17 percent from last week.

Tetr, who lost his stability yesterday, condemned his nail again and stabilized.

According to Cryptonews, the chart of most of the major coins on the market also shows waves of price recovery. Atrium is back at the top of the $ 2,000 resistance zone. XRP is above $ 0.40. Cardano also crossed the $ 0.5 resistance.

Market situation: Digital currencies are returning
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Bitcoin prices

After a sharp drop in the price of bitcoin, support of $ 25,000 finally stopped the downward trend. With the return of bitcoin and the passage of the level of 29,000 dollars, the price has already reached the top of the key zone of resistance of 30,000 dollars. The next key resistance is in the $ 31,200 range.
If there is another downward trend, the price can be supported in the range of $ 28,800. The next key support is in the range of $ 27,500, which is likely to fall below this zone.

Atrium price

Atrium also pulled the brakes at $ 1880 and reversed the trend. Atrium is already above the $ 2000 level and is showing positive signals. The closest current resistance is currently $ 2,120, and the next key resistance is $ 2,200. Atrium marked a 3% increase in price compared to yesterday and a 24% decrease in price compared to last week.
If a downward trend is formed, the first support is in the range of $ 2,000 and the next key support is in the range of $ 1,880. If this resistance is broken, a new downward wave in Atrium prices will be observed.

The price of altcoins

Cardano rose to $ 0.40 before prices began to return. Now the price is again over $ 0.50 and even in the short term it is possible to get the level of $ 0.55.

Solana’s price is back in the $ 50 range and has now risen 9 percent from yesterday. If the price of this digital currency closes in the range of more than $ 50, the promise of a stronger increase is heard from market participants.

Dodge Quinn rose 16 percent to $ 0.092. Key resistance is currently forming near the $ 0.10 level. Dodge lost 28% of its price compared to last week.

The price of XRP improved above the $ 0.44 range. The key resistance is seen at around $ 0.45 and if this resistance is broken, the price will rise to $ 0.50.

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Other market instruments today were mostly upward. Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s price recorded the best performance among the 100 best digital currencies on the market, rising by 50% overnight and crossing the range of 1588 dollars. Other currencies, such as IPCoin and Gala, also saw prices rise by more than 42%. Luna, on the other hand, has regressed and is now trading at $ 0.00001944, falling 100% in one day.

Summary: Above $ 29,000, the bitcoin price chart sends positive signals. If the price closes above the $ 30,000 zone, there will be a steady upward trend in the short term.

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