Market situation: Study the levels of support and resistance of digital currencies

Bitcoin broke its resistance of $ 43,500. Most large quinces are on the rise. Atrium, for example, surpassed its $ 3,080 resistance. However, XRP is still struggling with its $ 0.85 resistance. Meanwhile, Solana crossed the $ 100 resistance barrier with a 9% increase, and the digital currency of the popular game Oxy Infiniti also suffered a 20% jump in price. Cardano also recorded an increase of $ 1.20 before lowering its price again.

According to Crypto News, the price of bitcoin exceeded the resistance of 43,350 dollars, and even traded above the level of 44,200 dollars. Bitcoin’s price trend is currently stabilizing above the $ 43,900 zone and trying to break the $ 44,350 resistance.

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Market situation: Study the levels of support and resistance of digital currencies
Total market capitalization on an hourly basis

Bitcoin prices

After a slight drop in the price of bitcoin, the price of the largest digital currency again crossed the level of $ 43,000 and advanced to $ 44,200, without meeting serious resistance. Currently, the price is stabilizing around 44,000, and the slope of the upward trend in prices is equal to 3% per day. The closest resistance is $ 44,200, and the next resistance is $ 44,350 and $ 44,500.
If the market adjusts and bitcoin falls, the price could support about $ 43,500. The next big support is about $ 43,000. If this support is broken, the price could drop to $ 42,500.

Atrium price

Atrium prices are currently rising at a rate of 4% per day, surpassing resistance levels of $ 3,000 and $ 3,120. Atrium’s next key resistance is likely to be close to $ 3,150. If you overcome this resistance, reaching a price level of 3220 dollars will not be unattainable.

If Atrium continues to decline, it will see the first support in the $ 3,050 range. The next big support will be close to the $ 3,000 level, and if that support is broken, the price could drop to $ 2,950.

The price of altcoins

Cardano crossed the resistance zone, rising to $ 1.12 and even reaching $ 1.15. But the digital currency market did not have enough energy to attack the $ 1.20 resistance.

The BNB has already passed the resistance level of $ 412, reaching $ 415. The key resistance is close to the $ 420 level. If he passes this level of resistance, he will be able to rise to $ 432.

Solana crossed the $ 100 mark with a 9% increase. The next key resistance of this digital currency is in the range of $ 105. If Solana crosses this zone of resistance, reaching the level of $ 112 will not be unattainable. Solana has grown 17% in the last week.

Dodge Quinn also surpassed the resistance of $ 0.132 and even exceeded the level of $ 0.140 without correction. The digital currency is now consolidating its high maintenance gain of $ 0.132 and has not changed much overnight.

However, the price of XRP remains below the resistance of $ 0.85. Breaking this barrier of resistance and closing in the $ 0.85 zone is essential to sustaining the uptrend of this digital currency. If XRP goes down, you should hope for support of $ 0.80.

Other market coins also grew by 5%. But in the meantime, the price of the digital currency Oxy Infiniti had a stunning performance, crossing the level of $ 70, and managed to increase its weekly profit to 41% with a 20% increase in price.

Overall, bitcoin is trading above $ 43,500. If this digital currency manages to break its $ 42,200 resistance, it could attack the $ 45,000 resistance in the short term.

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