Market situation: Study the levels of support and resistance of digital currencies

As the price of bitcoin rose and crossed the resistance of $ 40,000, the price of this digital currency also rose to $ 41,450. Bitcoin is currently adjusting its earnings to $ 41,000, but the price may rise further to $ 42,500.

According to Crypto News, most large coins are on the rise. Atrium broke through the $ 2750 resistance with a 5% increase. XRP could experience a rapid rise if it breaks its $ 0.8 resistance. Cardano is also approaching its key resistance in the $ 0.85 range.

Market condition: Study the current levels of support and resistance of digital currencies
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Bitcoin prices

After a sharp drop in the price of bitcoin, the digital currency resumed its upward trend above $ 40,000 and rose to about $ 41,000 and is now stabilizing this growth. With the current trend, bitcoin is experiencing a 5% daily price increase. The next key resistance of this digital currency is close to the price level of $ 41,550 and if this resistance is broken, the price may start to grow rapidly. Otherwise, the price of bitcoin will be adjusted to 40,500. If this level of support is violated, another barrier in the range of $ 40,000 will prevent more bitcoins from falling. But if this support is violated, the price of bitcoin will fall to $ 39,000.

Atrium price

Atrium jumped 5 percent to $ 2,720 and even rose to $ 2,750. The next resistance of this digital currency is in the range of $ 2850. If Atrium manages to break this resistance, a rapid rise in the price of this digital currency above $ 2880 will not be unlikely.

But if Atrium refuses, it will face its first $ 2720 support. The next key support is close to the $ 2,650 level. If this level of support is violated, the price of the Atrium will probably reach $ 2600.

The price of altcoins

Cardano is on an uptrend, trying to break its $ 0.85 resistance. If the proponents of raising the price of Cardano or the so-called cows in this market manage to overcome this level of resistance, this digital currency will face rapid price growth.

The BNB is above the price level of $ 380. The forward resistance of this digital currency is in the range of $ 388, and in case of failure of this resistance, everything is ready to reach the level of $ 400.

Solana also has a price increase of more than 6% and is trading above its resistance of $ 85. The cows in the digital currency market seem determined to push the price up to $ 95. If you pass this resistance, the price may stabilize above the $ 100 level.

Dodge Quinn overcame its resistance level of $ 0.115 and is now approaching the resistance level of $ 0.118. The next key resistance of Dodge Quinn is in the range of $ 0.120 and it seems that in this price range we have to wait for the action of opponents of rising prices or market bears.

XRP is also on the rise, trying to break its $ 0.80 resistance. If this resistance breaks, this digital currency expects rapid growth and its next resistance is probably in the area of ​​$ 0.845.

Other coins often had a 5 percent increase, but the price of the digital currency Sandbox exceeded its level of $ 3.20, rising 9 percent in the last week and recording an incredible overall growth of 19 percent. The cello is currently trading in the $ 3.30 range, an increase of 34%. The price of this digital currency has increased by 12% compared to last week.

Overall, there are signs that the price of bitcoin is rising above $ 40,000. If bitcoin breaks its resistance of $ 41,550, the digital currency is likely to grow rapidly.

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