Market situation: The price of bitcoin is likely to fall in early April

According to the latest statistics, the mood of traders in the digital currency market is neither up nor down, and experts believe that this neutral situation may be a prelude to increasing price fluctuations. Some analysts also believe that the beginning of April (April) may be accompanied by a temporary decline in the price of bitcoin, as in the last two months.

According to Quinn Desk, yesterday the price of bitcoin again reached over 47,000 dollars for a while. Avi, which has risen more than 48 percent in the past seven years, made a 25 percent jump on Friday and has managed to retain much of its profits to this day. The increase during this period is largely due to the upgrade of lending to the platform to the third version at the beginning of last month. Bitcoin and Atrium prices have remained virtually unchanged over the past 24 hours, with Solana up 2%.

Global stock market volatility fell sharply last week, and as U.S. unemployment has fallen, many stock market investors are preparing to tighten shrinking monetary policy in the United States. The low bank interest rates and monetary stimulus that the US Federal Reserve injected into the market during this period led to higher prices for goods and services in that country. Rising inflation and economic growth in an unusually fast and volatile country are encouraging central banks to use shrinking monetary policies; This is mainly due to the intensification of fluctuations in financial markets.

Yesterday, when bitcoin jumped above $ 47,000 again, the volume of liquidated futures traded on futures markets. Liquidation occurs when the exchange completely closes the trading position with the trader’s leverage in order to prevent the burning of the initial amount due to the trader. In fact, trading platforms do not allow the balance of the trader’s account to reach less than his debt. This happens mainly in the futures markets.

The ratio of the volume of orders to buy and sell bitcoin has also been negative in the last 24 hours, which shows that despite the rise in the price of bitcoin in recent days, investors are still hesitant.

The beginning of April may be accompanied by a reduction in prices

The volume of bitcoin trading on the stock exchanges seems to be relatively small, while in the first and last week of March (March) the volume of trading activities increased.

The chart below shows the jump in bitcoin trading volume on different days. Some analysts believe that bitcoin will fall in price this month, as happened in February (February) and March (March), and then the market will begin a bullish correction.

Market situation: The price of bitcoin is likely to fall in early April
The volume of bitcoin transactions in digital currency exchanges.

The mood of the merchants is neither bullish nor bullish

The graph below clearly shows the declining ratio of Put to Bitcoin call options, which shows that options traders’ sentiment is not declining much. This index has been almost constant over the last two weeks, which may be a prelude to increasing volatility; Especially if the price of bitcoin comes out of the ceiling or floor of a channel that fluctuates for some time in the coming days.

According to data from derivatives markets, traders are 55% more likely to see bitcoin at a price above $ 44,000 in May, and the volume of options at agreed prices above $ 45,000 higher than contracts. This is an option to sell.

Market situation: The price of bitcoin is likely to fall in early April
The ratio of sales volume to purchase options.

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