Market situation: The upward trend of Bitcoin and Atrium continues

The price of bitcoin, which managed to break the resistance of $ 39,200, also rose to overcome the resistance of $ 40,000. Currently, the price is stabilizing in the area above $ 39,700 and it is unlikely that it will test the level of $ 40,000 again. Bitcoin rose 4% from the previous day and 1% from last week.

According to Cryptonews, most of the pennies on the market are also increasing the rate of price growth. Atrium passed resistance levels of $ 2,900 and $ 2,920, respectively. XRP left its key resistance at $ 0.65. Cardano also successfully crossed the $ 0.85 mark.

Market situation: The upward trend of Bitcoin and Atrium continues
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Bitcoin prices

A new uptrend has begun in the market after the downward trend in bitcoin stopped at about $ 37,500. Bitcoin crossed the resistance levels of $ 38,800 and $ 39,200 in this uptrend and broke the resistance of $ 40,000, respectively. Now the price of bitcoin is stabilizing and it is likely that the price increase will intensify, crossing the $ 40,000 zone. The key resistance is still close to the $ 40,350 range, which if the resistance breaks, the price will have the potential to rise to $ 41,200.
But if bitcoin falls, it will be happy with its first support in the $ 39,500 range. The next key support is $ 39,200, which is likely to drop to $ 38,800 if this support is violated.

Atrium price

Atrium peaked at $ 2,850 and crossed the $ 2,920 mark. The price of Atrium has increased by 5% compared to yesterday and by 2% compared to the previous week. The price is currently stabilizing in the $ 2,950 range and the $ 3,000 resistance is likely to be tested.
But if the price of the Atrium falls, it will face first support in the $ 2,900 range. The next key support will be around 2850 and if this support is broken, the price will accelerate.

The price of altcoins

Cardano quickly surpassed the resistance of $ 0.85 and with a 13% increase even had an eye on the resistance of $ 0.90. If Cardano manages to close above $ 0.90, the price is likely to rise to resistance of $ 0.95. The price of this digital currency has increased by 5% compared to last week.

The BNB passed the $ 400 resistance with a 5% increase. The price of this digital currency is stabilizing and may exceed $ 405. The key resistance against foreign currency is in the range of $ 412.

Solana’s price jumped 9 percent to $ 92 and rose to $ 95. If price-setters or so-called market bulls are still active, the price is likely to rise to the $ 100 resistance level.

Dodge Quinn rose steadily to $ 0.135 and rose to $ 0.138. If conditions are favorable, the price could move to a resistance of $ 0.140.

XRP is also growing rapidly, indicating that the price has crossed the $ 0.65 range and increased by 6% compared to the previous day. The next key resistance is in the range of $ 0.655 if the uptrend continues, and if this resistance is broken, the price could rise to $ 0.68.

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Several other quinces on the market were up today. Among them, View, Theron and Zilika, among the 100 best digital currencies on the market, achieved the best returns in terms of daily market value, given their growth of 24 to 34%.

In short, the price of bitcoin must overcome the resistance of $ 40,000 if it wants to continue its upward trend. If you don’t, the price will return to $ 38,800.

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