Microstrategy, Bitcoin’s largest corporate investor, has suffered a loss

As bitcoin fell below $ 30,000, the microstructure also lost its investment in bitcoin. The CEO said that since some of the micro-strategic purchases were made on credit, if the price of bitcoin falls below $ 21,000, they may have to pledge another part of their bitcoins as collateral. He stressed that the company does not sell its bitcoins under any circumstances.

According to Bitcoin magazine, MicroStrategy, the largest corporate owner of bitcoin, lost its entire investment after the price of this digital currency fell on Tuesday. The company bought its bitcoins at an average price of $ 30,700, and the fall of bitcoins below this level led to a loss of their investment in this digital currency.

Bitcoin has not performed well in the last few weeks. The digital currency lost 20 percent of its value in 36 days after ending its upward trend in late March. Over the past seven days, the price of bitcoin has fallen even more, falling 19.47% to nearly $ 30,000.

However, the last daily red candle of bitcoin led to the loss of Micro Strategy, one of the largest owners of bitcoin; Because this candle was closed below the average purchase price of this company. Micro Strategy, whose shares are traded on the Nasdaq, has bought more than 129,000 bitcoins at an average price of $ 30,700. The price of bitcoin reached its lowest level of 29,700 dollars this morning.

The last purchase of this company is related to April. At the time, Micro Strategy bought 4,167 bitcoins with an average price of $ 45,714 and a total price of $ 190.5 million. It is worth noting that the institution used a loan secured by bitcoins to finance the purchase. As a result, if the price of bitcoin falls below $ 21,000, the micro-strategy is at risk of a margin margin due to the nature of the loan support; This means that because the value of the secured bitcoins for the loan is lower than the guaranteed amount, the bank loan for the microstructure may ask them to increase the amount of the collateral. If the company wants to prevent this and sell its bitcoins, it will have to save more bitcoins to protect its loans.

Micro-Strategy CEO Michael Silver also stressed that they will never sell their bitcoins and will increase the number of secured bitcoins if necessary.

In addition to Tesla’s microstructure, the company, led by Ilan Musk, has also lost ground on its bitcoins; Of course, Tesla’s losses occurred before the microstructure and the average purchase is slightly higher than the microstructure. According to BitcoinTreasuries.net, Tesla bought 43,200 bitcoins last year for a total of $ 1.5 billion. Each of the company’s bitcoins costs an average of $ 34,700. In other words, Tesla has about 10 percent of unrealized losses at the time of writing, totaling about $ 155 million.

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