Miners who have a contract with the Ministry of Energy or Petroleum may obtain a permit to establish

According to a private sector representative in Khorasan province, one of the new sections of the Ministry of Silence states that those digital currency farms that have a contract with the Ministry of Energy or Petroleum to supply the electricity or gas they need can obtain work licenses or establishment licenses. Expand. It is worth mentioning that according to one of the older divisions of the Ministry of Silence, only farms can obtain permits for the supply of electricity from renewable sources.

According to the Digital Currency report, quoting Havaran’s message, Mohsen Ehtesham, secretary of the Khorasan provincial government-private dialogue council, said:

Due to the interruption caused by the change in the instructions for energy supply, issuance of licenses for the establishment and operation of Ramzarz extraction centers and given the damage and consequences of the inability to obtain operating licenses and start operating these units, this number is in the daily order of the session 32. The provincial dialogue took place.

The Secretary of the South Khorasan Government-Private Dialogue Council added:

With follow-up and special assistance from the Ministry of Silence to resolve the licensing issue, a group of Ramzars mining license holders who had a valid energy supply contract with the Ministries of Energy and Oil issued a circular on March 16, 2014. provides for the issuance of mining licenses to Ramzars. Provides this group in accordance with the regulations of the said ministries.

Ehtesham said:

According to Circular № 60/310429 of 25 March 1400 for applicants with a license (valid or invalid) to establish a Ramzarz production farm who have a valid contract for the supply of electricity or gas from the Ministry of Oil or the Ministry of Energy, ed. license for operation or renewal of license for establishment with confirmation of the contract and request from the relevant authorities of the said ministries is unimpeded.

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