Ministry of Information blocks bank accounts of 454 currency violators and criminals in the space of digital currencies

The intelligence ministry said it had recently blocked 9,219 bank accounts belonging to 454 currency infringers in co-operation with the Central Bank. Some of these individuals are alleged to have misused digital currencies in their criminal activities.

According to Arzdigital Digital and quoting Tasnim, the General Directorate of Public Relations and Information of the Ministry of Intelligence said in the following statement:

With the monitoring and intelligence interceptions of this ministry, while monitoring the network of illegal currency brokers, secret and suspicious currency transactions and cryptocurrencies of the country, with the assistance of the Central Bank and by order of the judiciary, 454 bank accounts of illegal currency agents were identified and blocked .

The following is the text of this statement:

With the implementation of the plan to deal with unauthorized foreign exchange agents in the recent period, 9,219 bank accounts were blocked with a turnover of over 600,000 billion riyals of these elements in the country.

The ministry’s public relations said:

The Ministry of Intelligence, announcing the accurate and continuous monitoring of Ramzarz’s illegal foreign exchange activities, assures the distinguished people of Iran that in addition to tracking and dealing with the perpetrators of inflammation in the foreign exchange market, it will be allowed to be exploited. illegal transactions and smuggling of basic goods and will spare no effort to maintain the peace and stability of people’s livelihood markets.

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