MP: We are looking to implement a plan to block digital currency exchanges

Nasser Mousavi Largani, a member of the parliamentary program and budget committee, recently said that buying and selling digital currencies would force foreign currency to leave the country, which is why parliament is seeking a plan to block exchange offices.

According to Arzdigital and quoted by IRNA, Nasser Mousavi Largani said in an interview with an IRNA parliamentary reporter on Monday:

Digital currencies, known as cryptocurrencies, have specific goals and their founders try to achieve their goals through these currencies and by encouraging people to buy unsupported currencies.

He added:

These currencies are intended to paralyze the country’s economy and remove the Central Bank of Iran’s control over the country’s monetary and financial structure.

He continued:

Given the available evidence, it must be said that these cryptocurrencies are a conspiracy of global arrogance led by the United States. Because they create conditions for people to escape under the magnifying glass of the authorities and to carry out their violations and illegal activities in such an atmosphere.

Mousavi Largani added:

Dear people, know that they are helping the enemies on this border by buying, selling and using cryptocurrencies. Because in this way it will cause a lot of currency to leave the country and disrupt the country’s economic system.

he stated:

This must be stopped as soon as possible and any activity and use of these enemy tools must be stopped. If we do not think today about organizing and preventing cryptocurrencies, in the near future we will see its terrible effects on the country’s economy, because much of the liquidity leaves the country by buying and selling these currencies.

He said:

Therefore, in order to prevent the enemies from achieving our sinister goals, we intend to start the plan to block the Ramzarz trading platforms in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and move forward until the result is achieved.

MP’s publication: We are looking to implement a plan to block the exchange of digital currencies appeared for the first time in Digital Currency.

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