New York Times report: What tokens did millionaires make in digital currency?

Millionaires who make their fortunes in digital currencies tend to have different views on investing and have often been able to get rich by investing in lesser-known tokens. The New York Times recently interviewed some of these millionaires and introduced their popular tokens.

According to CryptoGlobe, New York Times technology reporter David Jaffe-Belani recently spoke with digital currency millionaires in several countries.

The report begins with a conversation with Etienne vantKruys, an Amsterdam-based investor in digital currency. “He was looking for a new venture two years ago when he met some of the first supporters of the Moon, the native symbol of Terra.” Tera is a Chinese blockchain protocol for hosting applications that support DeFi, and influenced by this digital currency, Ventcruise decided to purchased Luna tokens worth $ 25,000 for $ 0.20 to $ 0.35 per unit. For now, however, Luna is priced at around $ 79.55.

“Recently, he spent about $ 1 million of his digital assets to buy a house for a loved one,” said investor Luna. He intends to hold the rest of Luna’s assets.

“Cruz says,”

I think the price of Luna will reach $ 500 over the next five years. This is the vision I have in mind.

He is currently working with Pocket Network tokens. The Pocket Network blockchain project aims to “create free access to global public data to enable everyone to provide an unsustainable infrastructure.”

Cal Graham, a 28-year-old British digital currency investor living in London, is another person the New York Times spoke to in a report. Graham previously “invested $ 200,000 in a new token called LooksRare.” This token is part of a platform for trading digital collectibles or NFT. Less than two weeks after his investment, Graham “sold all his luxury assets and exited the digital currency market with a profit of about $ 500,000.”

Graham has apparently “become a millionaire since investing in Atrium, the second largest digital currency on the market after bitcoin.” He said he had “earned at least another $ 1 million so far from trading in lesser-known currencies like Luxrerer”. Graham, a former human resources activist, told the New York Times that he is now “semi-retired” and that his daily routine “often includes tweeting for hours (he analyzes the market for his 90,000 Twitter followers).” “Boxing is at the local gym and watching movies in the evening.” Graham plans to eventually reinvest his LuxRreaker token earnings in the digital currency market.

The New York Times reports that “the sudden conversion of a large amount of digital currency into dollars can be dangerous and lead to a fall in the price of the symbol”; Especially if this currency has a small market.

Adrian Zdunchik is another millionaire in digital currency. Formerly a musician, he now trades digital currencies full-time at his home in Warsaw, Poland.

“The sudden sale of large sums of money on the market told the New York Times:

It is not always possible to get all the possible winnings per transaction or withdraw your money quickly and on time. This will only weaken or lead to falling prices. This will definitely not be to your advantage.

The 28-year-old Polish investor said he had “made several million dollars in profits from his investments in digital currency so far and at least half of it was from anonymous digital currencies”; Just like two days after buying the e-Radix token, he made a profit of $ 150,000. Iradix Native Token is an active project in the field of defense. “To avoid falling prices, he has learned to reap only a small part of the profits at a time, while keeping the rest of his capital in the digital currency market,” Zedonchik said.

Zdonchik “gave part of his new income to his parents to pay off part of his debts.” So far, he has “donated $ 15,000 to a parrot shelter in Arizona.” He has also invested some of his profits in lower-risk investments, such as real estate and gold.

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