Nvidia Chart 3090 Energy Reduction Solution for Digital Currency Extraction

The Nvidia 30T graphics card (Nvidia RTX 3090) is one of the most widely used graphics processors for extracting digital currencies, requiring powerful cooling systems. However, a hardware expert has devised a way to reduce power consumption and optimize the use of this graphics card.

According to Crypto Potito, Igor Valosek, an expert in gaming hardware for home computers, recently published an article on how to increase the processing power of Nvidia’s Artax 3090 graphics card. The method he proposes could save electricity costs for digital currency extractors that can be extracted with a graphics card, such as Atrium.

Hassan Moitaba, author of technology news for the WCCF Tech website, reports on home improvement and explains why it is important for people who use graphics cards to extract digital currencies.

Mojtaba said:

The Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti is without a doubt the most widely used graphics card to date. This model consumes more than 500 watts of energy and requires very powerful cooling devices to control heat.

However, if Valosque optimization is feasible, in addition to gamers, other people, such as activists in the digital currency industry, will seek to reduce energy costs.

Unless they use ASIC miners to extract digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Atrium, Dodge Coin, Light Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Monroe and Zych. Nevertheless, graphics cards are still an effective tool for extracting digital currencies.

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Igor’s decision to optimize the Nvidia 3090

According to the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia 3090, these processors have a maximum graphics power (TGP) of 450 watts. This is the amount of power the 3090 graphics card needs to use its chips and prevent overheating.

According to the WCCF Tech website, most custom models consume nearly 500 watts of power. However, Igor says limiting power consumption to a maximum of 300 watts, a 37% reduction in maximum graphics power, can increase the performance of these graphics cards without compromising game performance. This optimization has been tested with 10 different games that support “4K” resolution.

This saves a significant amount of energy on the Nvidia 3090 graphics card, as well as “extremely high” cooling costs. Currently, a total of 600 watts of power is transmitted through a 16-pin “PCle Gen 5” connector. This connector is specifically designed to hold future 600-watt graphics chips.

GPUs have somehow solved the problems of the hash algorithm SHA-256, which plays a key role in the complex computational and economic architecture to prove the work of digital currencies such as bitcoin. In addition to bitcoin, the proof of performance model has been widely used for Atrium for the past seven years, before the core network merged with Beacon Chain to use consensus to prove inventory.

While the Nvidia 3090 is a powerful 135MHz hash miner running the Dagger Hashimoto atrium extraction algorithm, the WePC website offered a better way to dig due to the high power consumption of the digging equipment. Igor’s changes to limit energy consumption will make the Nvidia 3090 one of the best options available in terms of hashrate, power consumption and daily return on return on investment for extracting graphically retrieved digital currencies.

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