Presentation of 10th generation hp servers hosted by Fa

Due to the entry of the Fa host in the field of hosting many important and popular sites and online stores that expect maximum stability and speed of Fa hosting services, the Fa host coincides with the discovery of cloud virtual server services from the 10th generation HPE will present and reveal soon.

HP 10 Generation Servers HPE ProLiant Gen10 is the latest generation of server technology built by the powerful company HPE in the world, given that the old Fa-hosted services are hosted on 8th generation servers and hosting services. hosted cloud, which is about 1.5 years old, will be hosted on 9th generation servers. Private and managed for large companies to use the latest generation of servers, G10.

Using this hardware technology with the serious measures that the Fa host has to provide can provide up to 3 times faster processing speed than any other type of host or service. In these services, it uses real Nvme server servers, as well as new generation Gold processors from Intel and DDr4 RAM with the most powerful processing and cache memory.

Due to the fact that it is not possible to fully provide the features of this service in a short article, in the next 7 days a video will be sent with the important features of the super servers of the 10th generation of the Fa-hosted service. of This technology and its applications have been informed.

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The text of the presentation of the 10th generation servers of the company hp in the Fa host first appeared in the knowledge base of the host Fa.

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