Presentation of the SSD server and its types together with the purchase manual

What is an SSD server? If you are planning to purchase a host to host your site, you should definitely pay attention to the type of memory, storage or hard server in the host specifications. There are different types of hard drives, which can be a simple hard drive called an HDD, or newer hard drives with a more advanced technology called an SSD.

In this article we will fully discuss the characteristics of the SSD server. And what are the advantages and disadvantages of conventional hard drives? In this section we will introduce you to different types of SSD servers so you can make a smart purchase.

Introducing the SSD hard drive and its application

The word ssd means Solid State Disk. Ssd hard drives are one of the newest types of hard drives on which the desired information is stored. In fact, it can be said that ssd hard drives are a newer model and with more modern technology, ordinary hard drives or HDDs. SSDs have the same technology and technology as flash drives.

What is an SSD server?

What are the benefits of an SSD server and who uses the SSD hosting service?

In conventional memory, information had to be stored on a magnetic screen, which made the read and write speed very slow, but in ssd memory, information was stored in a series of networks or flash cells, each called a block. Each of these blocks has the ability to store 256 KB to 4 MB of data. Each SSD has a controller that returns data for a few nanoseconds when it needs to receive information, knowing which file is stored in which block.

Advantages of buying an SSD server

SSD servers, due to their more advanced technology, definitely have a number of advantages over conventional hard drives or hard drives, some of which we will discuss.

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What are the benefits of buying an ssd server for us?

1. Lower energy consumption

The SSD server consumes less power than conventional hard drives due to the way it works and the latest technology. As a result, the power supply of our device will consume less power despite the SSD.

2. Lower heat output in the SSD server

The SSD server does not have a magnetic screen to keep the data running, but instead uses flash memory to store data, which results in much less heat generated on the system’s hard drive. This helps to extend its life and the length of time you can use it consistently.

3. High execution speed

SSDs are approximately 100 times faster than regular hard drives. This helps speed up data processing and reading so it can run fast when you need it.

4. Longer useful life

Because the SSD uses flash memory to store data and has no moving parts, this helps for longer life and better performance than conventional hard drives, so the SSD is more efficient.

5. SSD server size

Ssd drives are produced in smaller sizes than conventional hard drives and thus take up less space on the server and hardware.

Disadvantages of buying an SSD server

SSDs, in addition to the huge advantages they have over conventional hard drives, have a number of disadvantages, which we will discuss below.

1. Price of ssd hard drive for server

With server SSDs, the capacity you get is more expensive than regular hard drives, which means you have to pay the cost of buying a 250 GB SSD hard drive, you can use it to buy a regular hard drive up to two terabytes.

2. Hard data retrieval

SSDs for the server have the ability to recover very difficult and even impossible data; Because the ability to recover SSD data depends on a number of specific conditions.

Important points when buying an SSD server

When buying an SSD for the server, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

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Buying guide

1. SSD hard drive capacity

One of the most important things to keep in mind when buying an SSD for a server is its capacity. Due to the high cost of SSDs, you will probably need to purchase SSDs with a capacity of less than 1 terabyte.

2. Dimensions and size

Another thing to keep in mind when buying an SSD server is the size of the device. If you want to buy a device for this server after you buy it, depending on where it is installed, you need to buy an SSD with the right size for the server. The most common SSD sizes for the server are 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch.

3. Hard disk speed

When you want to purchase an SSD for the server, the write and read speed is recorded on it. Depending on your needs, it is better to use the SSD at the right speed.

SSD memory slows down over time!

Why is the speed of SSD memory slowing down over time? As mentioned, the data is stored on SSD blocks. When you buy a new hard drive, all its blocks are blank, and the more information is written on those blocks, the fewer blank pages in each block will become less over time.

Because the server’s SSD memory is not able to overwrite the data, each time new information needs to be stored on it, the SSD controller on the hard disk must look for blocks that have suitable blank pages. Empty all these pages and write new information on them. As a result, as the process progresses, the speed of the SSD server decreases over time.

Check the types of SSD servers

There are several servers that use memory technology and you can use them to host your website. Below we will introduce you to each of these servers.

  1. Virtual SSD server
  2. Dedicated SSD server
  3. SSD cloud server
  4. Iran SSD server
  5. European SSD server

Types of SSD servers

What types of SSD servers are available?

Virtual SSD server

One type of server that uses system memory is a virtual SSD server. In fact, in virtual servers, the software is used to simulate part of a physical server virtually, which allows it to install any amount of resources and any type of operating system.

The issue to consider when buying a virtual server is the type of hard drive. Be sure to purchase a virtual SSD server, because using ssd storage will increase the processing speed of your site and as a result, your users and customers may experience high-speed interaction with your website.

Dedicated SSD server

In specialized servers you have a completely physical and real server with all its resources. With these types of servers, there is no sharing of your server space with another server or another person, which means that all the capacity and resources of this server are at your disposal.

When buying a dedicated server, be sure to note that the memory used on that server is ssd; Because it helps if you need high speed to fully satisfy your needs with ssd hard drive.

SSD cloud server

These types of servers help people use real and physical servers according to the resources they need and any configuration and operating system they need. In fact, anyone with a cloud can use the resources and capacity of a real server without having to depend on another cloud. The SSD cloud server helps to increase the speed of reading and writing data and as a result you can experience high speed.

SSD server Iran

Each server is always included as a computer stored in a physical location. Iran SSD server, as its name suggests, is physically located in our country. One of the important parameters is the speed of access to information on a physical server or user with the server. Of course, since the server is located in Iran, and also if users open your site from Iran, due to the shorter distance from the server, the speed of sending and receiving information will increase significantly.

Server SSD Europe

European SSD server As the name suggests, the physical location of this server is in Europe. This means that when a server is requested, the information is processed in a European country and then the result is returned to the client or user. Using this server with SSD memory reduces data processing time and at the same time increases the speed of access and storage of data.

Concluding remarks

SSD servers have high performance with connected and direct storage. These SSD server devices are usually based on NAND flash, and placing this high-performance storage space directly on the server reduces latency because your server does not need to access data in an external storage array.

This article gives you a brief overview of what an SSD server is and what its advantages are over a regular hard drive. We also looked at buying the best SSD server, which gives you the right choice when buying different types of servers for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an SSD server?

Servers are like home computers, which are made up of a lot of hardware, but are always included. One of the important hardware of servers is the hard disk. An ssd server is a server that uses different types of ssd hard drives for your hard drive hardware.

2. Advantages of the server SSD What is?

The use of SSD servers has advantages such as lower power consumption, lower heat generation, higher processing speed, longer service life and smaller size.

3. Server defects SSD What is?

SSDs also have a number of disadvantages, such as the high cost and difficult data recovery.

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