Report: What is the share of different exchange offices in digital currency transactions?

High-end exchanges such as Bainance and Kevin Base have steadily increased their share of transactions in the digital currency market over the past few seasons, now accounting for more than 90% of total digital currency trading.

According to CryptoGlobe, these digital currency trading platforms, which have good quality, since August (August) 2021 have seen an increase in their market share of total trading. The CryptoCompire website (CryptoCompare) in its new report that Comparison of the stock exchange In July 2021, the market share of these platforms in total transactions was 89%, while now it averages 91%.

A closer look at the figures shows that high-level exchanges traded a total of $ 1.5 trillion in February, while low-level exchanges traded $ 62 billion in the same period.

The cryptocurrency site, after ranking more than 150 international exchanges that support spot transactions, assesses the activities, transaction form, security and risks that each of these platforms has for its customers, based on a comprehensive method. It is worth noting that high-level exchanges are those that have a rating from “AA” to “B”.

Report: What is the share of different exchange offices in digital currency transactions?
The average share of each level of digital currency exchanges in the monthly trading volume.

In total, only four digital currency exchanges, namely Kevin Base, Gemini, Bitstamp and Bainance, received an “AA” rating in this ranking. Eleven exchanges were rated “A”, plus 27 exchanges were rated “BB” and 37 exchanges were rated “B”. 80 exchanges are also ranked low.

It is worth mentioning that the Kucoin and CoinEx exchanges, which have many Iranian consumers, received “BB” and “B”, respectively.

In addition to the above, the cryptocurrency report provides more detailed details showing that the limitations of the Client Authentication Policy (KYC) still need to be improved and that 35% of exchanges have performed poorly in implementation. of this policy. However, in August 2021 (August 1400) it was said that 34% of exchange offices did not perform well in certifying their customers.

The report also shows that 27% of exchange offices “transfer funds to more than 4% of their transactions, which are directed to institutions with which the risk of cooperation is highly valued; That is, they can engage in illegal activities.

Charles Hayter, CEO and co-founder of Cryptocampire, said:

As the digital asset ecosystem continues to evolve, it is important for market participants to be able to identify at least the most risky trading platforms in a reliable way.

The company said in a press release that its principles have expanded since the introduction of the benchmark exchange in 2019 and that “it is now preparing in several dimensions using a comprehensive data set that includes more than 150 exchanges in eight categories.” Evaluates and covers using more than 60 quantitative and qualitative criteria. “

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