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Email management is one of the most important things to keep in mind when interacting with users. But sometimes the problem of sending and receiving emails becomes a big problem in such situations, there are several solutions, including actions. There are smtp settings for sending emails, through which you can send emails to users of WordPress and non-WordPress. You won’t have to worry about sending and receiving emails. As mentioned, one of the things that can help in this regard is the activation of smtp. Once you enable this feature on your WordPress website, you can easily manage your emails without any worries. In this article we decide on the knowledge base of Fa-host How to send email via smtp in WordPress Let’s teach you how to use the smtp mailer plugin. So stay tuned for the rest of this article. 🙂

The Fa hosting package has clear rules to prevent spam emails. In order to protect and keep the ip server clean, users can send and receive emails only via smtp or the same port 587, as well as the ability to use php mail due to its serious security vulnerabilities, instability and lack of authentication in the services. not possible.

Solve the problem of not sending emails through the plug-in

WordPress generally uses the mail () function in php to send e-mail, and if this feature is not active on the server or your email is spam for some reason, you will have trouble sending and receiving email. In this regard, many hosting companies offer their users to use smtp to send their emails. By enabling this feature, you can easily manage the emails on your website and no longer have problems sending emails. One of the great plugins you can use to enable the ability to send smtp emails to WordPress is the smtp mailer plugin. We will review this plugin below and configure it to send emails.

How to send email via smtp with smtp mailer plugin

To send an email via smtp in WordPress, you must follow a specific path, which we will describe below:

  1. In the first step, you need to create an email for your host in order to send and receive WordPress emails through it and through your email hosting service. If you have not yet created a host email, follow the instructions to create an email in the Host C Panel or create an email in Direct Admin.
  2. Then enter the WordPress counter on your website using the WordPress login guide.
  3. Then from the menus on the counter, menu Plugins Choose.
    Ability to send emails via smtp in WordPress
  4. In the new page that appears for you, you have the phrase smtp mailer Enter it in the search box on the page and search for it. You will then be shown the connected plugins, you need to install and activate the smtp mailer plugin.
    Ability to send emails via smtp in WordPress

    You can also download the smtp mailer plugin by visiting the WordPress repository and using it Tutorial for installing plugins in WordPress Launch on your WordPress:

    Download the smtp mailer plugin

  5. After installing the smtp mailer plugin, you can go to the WordPress counter via the settings menu, submenu smtp mailer Select to enter the settings page.
    Send an email via smtp with the smtp mailer plugin
  6. In the new page that will appear, you will need to send the email via smtp to the empty fields in the tab Total Completed. Make sure the fields on this page are filled in according to the email created in the host, which we will describe in detail below.
    WordPress smtp plugin settings

    To find email information, you need to go to the section Email account Hosted via buttons Connect the devices Enter the appropriate page in front of the desired email address. There are two separate fields under the title on this pageN Manual mail client settings There is before the phrase Inbound server شWe can see the name of your host server. Note that depending on whether SSL / TLS is enabled or disabled, you must select the phrase in front of the section. Other information such as username, password and. Can also be seen in this section.

    They include:

    • SMTP host: If you use a standalone mail server, you should IP address of the email server Promise yourself. However, if you use the primary email hosting service, you must enter the domain name through which you want to send the email. Or Or enter.
    • SMTP authentication: This section determines whether SMTP authentication is enabled in the process of sending emails via smtp. It is better to have this option in mode Yes I put.
    • SMTP username: In this section you need to enter the smtp username of your website. Usually your username is the same as your email address.
    • SMTP password: The password for the specified username must also be entered in this field. If your username is the same as your email address, enter your email password here.
    • Encryption type: This section defines how to send encrypted emails via smtp. Recommended on most off-mode servers TLS To use.
    • SMTP port: In this field you need to enter the port through which you want the email process to run. The port you need to enter 587 is.
    • From an email address: The email address you want to send via smtp must be entered in this field. Typically, the email address you send is the same as the one you entered in the username field.
    • On behalf of: You must enter the name you want to appear in the email as the sender in this field.
    • Disable SSL certificate verification: This option is for your SSL, which is best enabled.
  7. Once you’ve filled in the fields with the appropriate content, it’s time to click the button Save changes Save the applied changes.
  8. Once you’ve made the changes to smtp emailing in WordPress, it’s time to use the test email sending feature to make sure the email is sending smoothly. In this regard, you need to click on the second tab, the tab Test email Click.
    Learn how to send emails via smtp with the smtp mailer pluginIn this section you will see the following three empty fields:

    • To: In this field, you must enter the email address to which you want the test email to be sent.
    • Subject: You can enter the subject of the email in this field. For example, in the image below the subject of the email, Test message is.
    • Message: The content you intend to display in your test email should be entered in this section. In the image below This is a test sample Whether the content that is entered in this section, for example.

    After filling in the fields with the desired information on the button Send an email Click.

    Note that if the phrase appears at the end of the code Connection: closed The display shows that the submission was successful.

  9. Now it’s time to go to the email address you selected and make sure the email was sent correctly. If the process of sending an email via smtp is going well, you will see an email like the one below.
    Ability to send emails via smtp with smtp mailer plugin

Proper email management plays a very important role in improving the business environment. For this reason, people are looking for conditions that can best control the process of sending and receiving emails on their website through hosts. One of the best ways to handle this is to send an email via smtp. In this Fa Host Knowledge Base article, we tried to teach you how to send smtp emails with the smtp mailer plugin. If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this tutorial, you can join us through the comments section of this article.

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