Several important digital currency websites have been hacked

Several major digital currency websites, including Etherscan, have been phishing. These websites display a message to users asking them to link their MetaMask wallet to the site.

Websites such as Ether Scan, CoinGecko and DeFi Pulse have been hacked, according to Quin Desk. When users try to use these websites, they are shown the following message and are forced to link to the site with their fraudulent wallet.

Several important digital currency websites have been hacked
Fake message seen on some important digital currency websites.

This phishing attack is displayed with a domain that uses the Bored Ape Yacht Club (NFT) logo. At the time of writing, it appears that the domain-related website has been deleted. According to WHOIS searches, the platform for tracking domains of Internet domains, not a day has passed since the launch of the domain.

Bobby Ong, the founder of Quinn Geko, said:

We are investigating the root cause of this attack in order to eliminate it as soon as possible. This situation is most likely due to a malicious ad script running on the Coinzilla platform. Queensila is a digital currency advertising network and we have now disabled it. We are still researching this issue further and monitoring the website.

Atrascan also asked its Twitter users not to approve any of the messages and transactions that appear on its website.

The Ether Scan team said they, like Kevin Gecko, had blocked Kevin Zilla’s relationship, and Kevin Zilla’s team later told them he had fixed the problem.

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