Sharp growth of cash inflows in funds in digital currency; Most purchases since the beginning of 2022

After two consecutive weeks of cash outflows, digital currency investment funds finally reported cash inflows, recording more than $ 190 million in capital inflows in just seven days. The sharp increase in inflows may be a sign of continued market growth and improve investor sentiment.

According to Kevin Desk, the inflow of capital into investment funds in digital currencies reached its highest level in the last three months last week, and European funds were at the forefront of this movement.

The jump, also mentioned by CoinShares in its report yesterday, shows a reversal of the trend of the last two consecutive weeks in which capital outflows were recorded.

The change came as the price of bitcoin, the world’s largest digital currency in terms of market value, rose 14 percent, its biggest weekly increase since April last year.

Kevin Shears said digital asset investment products had $ 193 million in inflows during the week ending Friday, March 25. European funds are leading with $ 147 million in inflows, followed by US funds with $ 45 million in inflows.

Capital flows in funds in digital currency
Graph of capital inflows to digital currency funds in different weeks.

Among providers of digital currency investment products, CoinShares Physical is leading with $ 91 million in inflows this week, while data shows $ 16 million in outflows from the Perpos Bitcoin Fund (ETF). Bitcoin).

Solana-oriented funds also have the largest weekly flows of $ 87 million, making them the fifth largest investment product among digital currency funds and the largest non-atrium altcoin fund.

Meanwhile, $ 97.8 million went to bitcoin-oriented funds and $ 10.2 million to Atrium special funds, while multicurrency funds flowed $ 5.5 million. This outflow is a bit unusual, as multi-asset funds are relatively popular so far. Last week was the second week of 2022, in which these funds, consisting of several different tokens, had a leak.

Funds based on Cardano, Polkadat and Kazmas (ATOM) also reported cash flows of $ 1.8 million, $ 1.2 million and $ 800,000, respectively.

Kevin Shears said investment products focused on shares of Chinese technology blockchain companies also remained volatile, registering $ 23 million in inflows last week.

After Rapid growth of cash flow in funds in digital currency; Most purchases from the beginning of 2022 first appeared in digital currency.

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