Solana’s best projects in 2022

Solana is a decentralized Chinese bloc aimed at increasing global scalability while maintaining decentralization and security. This blockchain also supports smart contracts and is a good platform for decentralized software. Solana soon became popular among consumers and developers in the field of digital currencies. Solana Digital Currency (SOL) is already among the top 10 digital currencies in the world with its impressive growth. Solana, with its scalability and high transaction speed and very low fees, soon became one of Atrium’s main competitors and became known as the Atrium Killer.

Atrium Blockchain hosts nearly 3,000 decentralized projects and applications. Solana, therefore, has a long way to go to reach this statistic; But the existence of more than 350 projects in this Chinese bloc, many of which are successful and have a bright future, has increased its value among consumers.

In this article, which is based on an article from the Black Economy website, we presented the top 10 Solana blockchain projects. Join us to get acquainted with these projects.

Solana’s most successful projects in 2022

Solana was one of the most successful digital currencies in 2021. Launched in March 2020, coinciding with the Crown epidemic and subsequent shutdowns, the Chinese bloc had to deal with this unfortunate coincidence in order to quickly influence the market; But in the end, it made its way to the list of the top five digital currencies in terms of market value and then became one of the top 10 digital currencies.

The Solana First Layer Protocol has attracted a large number of talented developers in the last two years, supporting more than 350 projects, many of which focus on DeFi, NFT and Web 3.

Solana’s success has also caught the attention of the world’s largest digital asset management company, Grayscale. The company created the Solana Fund last year to enable its customers to invest in the digital currency Solana. Interestingly, the value of Solana’s digital currency has grown by more than 15,000 percent in 2021.

Solana owes its success to the possibility of high-speed, low-cost transactions. After more than two years since the launch of this bloc in China, it is not bad to look at 10 projects in the Solana China bloc that are worth watching in 2022.


Solana's best projects in 2022

Soleis is the first virtual reality metamorphosis in the Solana blockchain, which combines social media, games and digital currencies. In this fascinating virtual world, players can create mini-games, be rewarded with special tasks and missions in the form of digital currencies, and sell each of their earned assets through Solis’ integrated market.

Soleis has a software development kit (SDK) that allows users to create their own unique tokens and use them in games. However, competing projects do not have this opportunity. Soleis recently raised more than $ 4 million from a group of venture capital companies, indicating a bright future for the project.


Solana's best projects in 2022

The Nova project is a programmable asset framework that allows users to build their portfolio of digital assets (including non-replica tokens) and automatically earn through several different mechanisms. The project won the summer hackathon in Solana in 2021.

The target audience of this layer of decentralized management are those small investors who have missed the opportunity to win in decentralized financing projects. Built on the Solana blockchain, Nova intends to maintain a wider range of assets and blockchain to increase its customers’ profitability.

The project initially launched its decentralized exchange (IDO) on the Solanium platform last December, selling $ 200,000 in tokens.

Finance ratio

Solana's best projects in 2022

Rishon Finance aims to help investors make the most of their liquidity at Solana. Those who want to make the most of the limited tokens locked in for-profit platforms can benefit from this project.

Rishu Finance is equipped with collateral managed by a special stable coin called the USDr. This StableCoin is used to repay loans, investments or cover debt to the treasury for bribery.

This year, the project aims to improve its user experience and add the opportunity to participate in management and new financial products to help consumers reduce the risk of defamation.


Solana's best projects in 2022

Many people are looking for a way to be rewarded for working with their favorite businesses, and on the other hand, there are many companies that are interested in taking advantage of real and attractive loyalty programs. The Crooney project, a mobile application, has achieved this goal. Crohn is a privacy solution for both companies and consumers.

Users can use this software to view the type of content they like and set the time. Companies can also reach their target community by sending mobile notifications based on location marketing and QR codes.

The crown token with the CRWNY symbol plays a major role in this software. Consumers attending events related to their favorite businesses will receive a crown token.


Solana's best projects in 2022

Aldrin is a decentralized stock exchange with a daily trading volume of more than $ 20 million. This platform has many more features than a decentralized exchange. Aldrin has a RIN token that is used to promote greater participation in the ecosystem. The platform plans to launch a centralized exchange soon.

Users can be rewarded by sharing RIN tokens. This reward is provided by the platform’s fees. The RIN token also has a derivative called sRIN. Those who contribute to the liquidity of the stock exchange and facilitate its transactions will also be rewarded.


Solana's best projects in 2022

The central element of most metaphors is a dream land that is ready to be explored; But Risfai is different from other meta-transitions in this regard. Risfai, the first artificial intelligence-based driving race in the Solana blockchain, is a virtual car trip. The game supports various tournaments, including Player vs. Player (PvP) and Player vs. Environment (PvE).

Risfai also gives players the opportunity to earn money by owning in-game assets such as garages, theaters, racetracks and billboards. Risfai is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2022 and will create a new and different atmosphere in the growing world of Metavar. This game will definitely be interesting for car lovers around the world.

harbour finance (port finance)

Solana's best projects in 2022

Port Finance is a cashless money market protocol that includes services such as floating rate loans, fixed rate loans and interest rate swaps in the Solana ecosystem. The protocol was created by a team of engineers from Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

The port financial structure is based on a lending protocol that is similar in structure to the Compound Finance blockchain in the Atrium. Accordingly, Port Finance allows consumers to take more loans with less collateral and at the same time enjoy the very high speed of the Solana network.

Port Finance plans to make one-click leverage trading possible this year using Raydium AMM. The platform also intends to expand support for leverage.

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Solana's best projects in 2022

Rannood is a node and share protocol with remote call technology (RPC) that seeks to attract developers from other blockchains to Solana. This protocol is equipped with in-depth analysis, automated scalability and reliable and secure connections and can be used to configure almost all protocols, such as credit platforms, decentralized exchanges, copyless tokens markets, profit aggregators, games and currency exchanges ..

Registration in Rannud is very simple. Just enter your username and password and then select the app you want. Rannood raised $ 8.1 million last year during a fundraising period and made its initial public offering on a decentralized exchange at the launch of Solstarter in the Solana blockchain.

DeFi Land

Solana's best projects in 2022

Defyland is also one of the winners in Solana’s previous hackathons. In an innovative way, the platform simulates profit-making with traditional agriculture. Defyland also offers game-related elements, such as proxy-owned tokens and user-generated games.

The mechanism of Diffland’s game of making money is such that participants can perform tasks such as farming, fishing and animal husbandry or compete with other players. Such elements were not present in the protocols for growing primary profit.

Defyland is currently integrated with many projects, including SolFarm, Orca and Raydium. Difa Land’s virtual land was sold in the form of a unique token in February this year. This platform also intends to transfer control to users. In addition, Defyland wants to add support for other blockchains.


Solana's best projects in 2022

Those who have been in the space of digital currencies are familiar with questions such as: Are long-term holders for sale? At what price do big investors buy and collect digital currencies? Is the greed of investors the reason for excessive efforts in the market?

Wilomp is a platform designed to answer exactly these questions. This data-based platform was founded by a team of physicists and designers. Willamp retrieves raw bitcoin transactions in real time from several nodes. It then collects information from the analysis of these transactions, such as whale sales volume and collection model, into a number of analytical tools to determine investors’ prospects.

Solana is the first Chinese bloc to which Willamp plans to expand its services. Wilomp also has a free membership program; But providing more services costs $ 99 a month. Of course, for users who make good use of the information on this platform, $ 99 a month is quite valuable.


On its way to competing with Atrium, Solana has created space for developers to develop a variety of decentralized software on this blockchain, providing scalability and high speed. So far, Solana has built more than 350 projects in various fields such as Difai, decentralized exchanges, Web 3, online distribution and other areas related to the Chinese blockchain and digital currencies.

Among these projects, Soleis, Nova, Risho Finance, Krone, Aldrin, Risfai, Port Finance, Rannood, Difai Land and Willamp managed to win the title of top 10 of the Solana project. These are projects that are worth watching in 2022.

In just over two years, Solana Blockchain has managed to attract the attention of many developers in the world of digital currencies and defaults. The presence of these projects in Solana and the presence of the digital currency Solana among the top 10 digital currencies at market value can promise a bright future for this Chinese bloc.

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