Solana’s network was inactive for 7 hours; What was the reason?

At around 1:00 today, the Solana network was shut down and the blockchain was shut down for seven hours. Solana credentials have recently completed a successful network restart, and the network service says Solana-based services will resume in a few hours.

According to Kevin Desk, Solana’s network was down for about seven hours this morning. Solana’s team attributed the incident to the network’s involvement in proving digital currency stocks with “too much data” and transactions, which took the network’s credentials out of consensus and halted the production of new blocks on the network.

The software bots that were the source of the attack took advantage of Candy Machine, Solana’s unique token creation tool (NFT), and led to heavy traffic on the digital currency network. The size of the attack is 4 million transactions and more than 100 gigabytes of data per second, which according to the Solana Foundation is a record of its kind.

For reasons that are not yet clear, this congestion caused the network credentials to emerge from a state of consensus, and as a result, the process of creating new blocks and network activity was stopped between 1:00 and 7:30 (time in Tehran) today. Solana validators were soon launched and after communication via the Solana Discord channel and with the help of a help file published by one of the validators, they restarted the cluster in block “1319393970”. .

Solana co-founder Anthony Yakovenko, who said he was involved in travel during the failure of the digital currency network, praised Solana’s authority to take the lead in restarting the core network. On the other hand, Twitter users criticized Yakovonko’s disappearance during the incident.

Unlike last September, when the Solana network was unavailable for 17 hours, today the Solana network has not been restarted with new and improved codes, and validation only works from the point where the network fails. Resumed.

While preparing the network for a reboot, some validators first thought of using a new code to temporarily block transactions related to the slow NFT machine tool. Following the proposal, Discord debated whether the move was censoring the Chinese bloc. In order for the new code to be activated on the web, two-thirds of Solana’s credentials had to be approved, and because the plan was so unpopular, blocking Kennedy Machin’s transactions was ultimately impossible.

Other members of the Solana ecosystem are also working to solve the problem. The Metaplex platform, which provides the necessary infrastructure for the development of NFT in the Solana network and whose activity is linked to the slowness of the machine, announced an hour ago that accounts trying to create invalid transactions will soon receive a fine of 0.01 Solana to reduce traffic to NFT-enabled projects.

Other Solana ecosystem services, such as Phantom Wallet and the decentralized Mango Markets, also tried to cope with the effects of this weekly outage, while RPC nodes were reactivated.

The failure of the Solana network also reduced the price of this digital currency in a few hours, reaching $ 81.18 at its lowest level in 24 hours. The drop to this level occurred 3 hours after the shutdown of the network and before the recovery of the price to $ 89.

A member of the Solana Foundation said network developers have not yet figured out what caused the problem and how the bot attack overcame network consensus protection systems.

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