Spokesman for the Parliament’s Economic Committee: Digital currency legislation must not restrict the work of domestic exchange offices

Golamreza Marhaba, a spokeswoman for parliament’s economic committee, said digital currency legislation should not ultimately restrict local exchange offices and the movement of consumers to use more foreign platforms.

According to Digital Currency and quoted by IRNA, ho Gholamreza Marhaba, referring to the need for legislation in the field of digital currencies and the organization of internal exchange offices, said:

Organizing and using the capacity of internal password exchange platforms is inevitable and no one is against it. However, it should be noted that the organization and regulation of cryptocurrencies does not mean restricting and directing users to foreign platforms.

He added:

Internal cryptocurrency exchange platforms have good capacity and need to be maintained. We must not impose restrictions on the exchange of digital currencies on local platforms. Parliament is looking for legislation in the field of digital currencies and it has been decided that all efforts in this area will be integrated into parliament with the government.

A spokesman for Parliament’s Economic Committee said:

Cryptocurrencies, by their nature and because they are produced and used in unrealistic environments, can create problems for investors in this area. There is a need for legislation in this area. People who want to enter the space of cryptocurrencies and make their own exchanges, and the platforms and departments that work in this field, if they know that the law is behind them and supports them, they will definitely move in this direction with more encouragement. .

He also stressed:

We need to move to legislation in the field of cryptography as soon as possible. Parliament also decided that this law should not be written only as a draft by parliament, but with the assistance of all agencies working in the field of cryptocurrencies, such as the Central Bank, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Silence and the Ministry of Communications. With an introspective view, we are trying to write a comprehensive law in this area that regulates activities in this area.

Hello added:

We are against any restrictions in this area and we believe that we must move in a transparent and legal atmosphere. It is certain that consumers, platforms and other sectors active in this field will also welcome the existence of a law in the field of cryptocurrencies.

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