The anti-trafficking headquarters announced the conditions for the sale and transfer of the detained miners

In a letter to the state authorities, an employee of the Anti-Money Laundering and Trafficking Headquarters announced the conditions for the sale, transfer and return of the detained miners. According to the letter, the standard confiscated extraction machines and other legal licenses will be returned to their owners.

According to Arzdigital and quoting Aquiran, Mostafa Purkazem Shayeste, Deputy Legal and Anti-Trafficking Officer of the Anti-Trafficking Headquarters, said in a letter to the relevant agencies that the approvals of the meeting for the award of mining machines (miners) had been resolved. in the warehouses of the collection the organization and the ownership of the property to be sold under two conditions.

The first condition of this decree states that Ramzarz mining machines may be sold in accordance with the regulations if they have the necessary standards and other legal licenses.

On the other hand, the second condition emphasizes that non-standard devices must be sold subject to export at the outset, and if they were not sold subject to export at the tender of these miners, the organization must take action to destroy it. technically. That is, if a non-standard miner is not sold at auction, if it is exported to other countries, the relevant government agencies are obliged to demolish it so that it can no longer be used.

However, if the miners have standard and other legal permits, they will be returned to the owners under this decree, and if they do not have the necessary permits, the organization will detain the miners for up to 3 months, and if the necessary permits are issued by the owners. will be confiscated in favor of the government.

The decree also emphasizes that if miners do not have a standard, exports must be guaranteed, and if they are not sold at auction on condition of export, they will be confiscated within 3 months in favor of the government.

On the other hand, there are conditions for obtaining a sales license according to note 2 of Art. 53 of the Anti-Smuggling of Goods and Currency Act (goods in which quantitative and qualitative changes over time).

1- If a device with the required standard is sold according to the regulations.

2- If a device does not have the necessary standards, it must be sold subject to export or technical destruction.

With regard to the return of the miners, the Property Collection Organization stressed that in order to return, the return receipt or transfer must include the serial number of each miner.

According to this decree, miners are sold to persons who have the following conditions:

1- Has a license for creation and operation by the Ministry of Silence.

2- There is a generator or a private power plant.

On the other hand, the sales order must indicate the location or farm of the devices and notify the electricity distribution company.

The publication Anti-Trafficking Headquarters announces conditions for the sale and transfer of seized miners appeared for the first time in Arzdigital.

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