The Fa-hosted cloud server product is being finalized

For many years, Fa-host users have asked us thousands of times in various forms to offer a virtual server product and a dedicated server with Fa quality standards. But we at Fa host move with certain ideologies, or we do not offer a product, or if we are going to offer a product or service, it should not be like other hosting companies at all, if our product or service is no different from others, our presence. on the market?

That is why we have been assessing the problems of virtual server products in the country and the needs of users with field research for about 5 years and have been considering for months what kind of virtual server to offer, different service and its high quality compared to other virtual servers. The companies are perfectly visible to the consumer,

The Fa-hosted cloud server product is the result of many years of research and effort and has been tested for months for initial delivery. Of course, the serious differences between this service and other virtual servers on the market are really big.

  • Use grouped shelves
  • Using interconnected servers
  • Bandwidth supported by 40GB
  • Use powerful hard drives with cache memory
  • Use hard drives with Reed technology capabilities
  • Using Sas SSD Hard Drives
  • Using Gen9 and Gen10 servers
  • Provide real RAM and CPU resources
  • Provide backup space outside the server
  • Vip support 24 hours a day
  • Specialized service configuration
  • Management and monitoring of customer service


Fa host virtual server and special cloud server is a new development in the hosting industry in the country, which we will soon review and decode in the following videos of different dimensions. If you need to buy a cloud virtual server now, contact the host sales department. Connect.

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The Fa-hosted cloud server product has finally appeared in the host-Bafa knowledge base.

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