The famous millionaire revealed his investment portfolio; 20% for digital currencies

Kevin Oliery, a prominent Canadian millionaire and entrepreneur who was once a big critic of bitcoin, recently said he had invested 20 percent of his portfolio in bitcoin and several other digital currencies. However, he still believes that not all digital currencies are worth the investment.

According to Crypto Potito, Kevin Oliri, a Canadian millionaire, has invested millions of dollars in digital currencies from his personal capital. A former Bitcoin critic, he says investing in this digital currency is like investing in big companies like Google and Microsoft.

In 2019, the businessman and TV presenter was one of the biggest critics of the digital currency industry. At the time, he had said that bitcoin was “useless,” “useless,” and even something like “junk”; Because you can’t invest in it with a lot of money and then leave the market.

However, in early 2021, he changed his mind, saying he was not the only one to oppose bitcoin; But he also respects him. Shortly afterwards, he announced that he had allocated 3% of his investment portfolio to this digital currency.

According to a recent interview with CNBC by O’Leary, the millionaire has invested 20 percent of his fortune in digital currencies.

In that interview, O’Leary said:

I have millions of dollars [از سرمایه شخصی خودم] I invested in digital currencies. Digital currencies and the Chinese blockchain make up 20% of my portfolio.

According to him, investing in major digital currencies is no different than investing in stocks of major technology companies such as Google and Microsoft. In addition to bitcoin, Olivier also has tokens from Atrium, Solana and Olench.

He added:

You need to have a varied basket. I have invested in 32 different currencies and in the FTX exchange itself. I want to support the initiatives of the developers of this exchange. You can never predict which digital currency will win this market. Can Atrium win? Or Solana? Or Olench? That’s why I invest in all of them.

O’Leary believes that incomparable tokens (NFT) also have great potential. In early 2022, he predicted that the NFT market could become larger and more flexible than the bitcoin market.

He said:

There will be many things on the NFT market in the next few years. Certification, insurance policies and real estate transfer taxes are some of the things that will enter the industry and increase its size and flexibility towards bitcoin.

It’s true that O’Leary has many digital assets, but Dodge Quinn is not one of them. In the summer of 2021, he said investing in Dodge Quinn was like betting. He believes that Dodge Quinn has no intrinsic value and that his transactions are only speculative.

He said:

When you bet on something like Dodge Quinn, it’s like going to Las Vegas and betting. In other words, your trade is just speculation.

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