The interview of Vitalik Butrin for Time + Video

The image of Vitalik Butrin, co-founder of Atrium and a prominent figure in the space of digital currencies, appeared on the cover of Time magazine this month. He also gave an interview to the magazine, which is central to his personal views on the current and future direction of the digital currency industry.

According to the Kevin Telegraph, ترین Butrin spoke about some of the negative characteristics of digital currencies during this 80-minute interview and explained that if not used properly, they can cause a lot of damage. The biggest concerns of the most extreme investors are the high fees of the Atrium network and the boasting of those who claim to have made a fortune by trading digital currencies and counterfeit tokens (NFT).

As Butrin said in the interview, he has high hopes for the future of the Atrium, but fears that greedy people with destructive goals will ruin his vision of building a fairer economic system than traditional ones.

Butrin said:

If we don’t talk about our views, we will get to the point where the only projects that will quickly make people rich [در این فضا] are made.

The interview also discusses other weaknesses in the atrium from Butrin’s point of view. The extent to which community power has been used in controversial areas of the Atrium network, such as the 2016 hacking of a decentralized organization called DAO, which later led to a hardfork and the birth of the classic atrium, is one such case.

In this interview, Time described Butrin as a pragmatic leader who took a neutral approach to solving the problems of the global digital currency community.

The interview of Vitalik Butrin for Time + Video
A photo from the childhood of Vitalik Butrin, working with a computer.

For years, Butrin has defended the technical solutions implemented in the development of the Atrium network by publishing materials in his own language. In December 2021, Butrin published an article entitled “Endgame”, which was a thought experiment in the evolution of Atrium 2.0. Butrin cited Atrium’s advances in scalability, which could have significant implications for the network. One of the most important consequences of the fact that Atrium is becoming more scalable for Butrin is centralism in building network blocks.

Although the evolution of Atrium and the transformation of the network mechanism from proof-of-work to proof-of-stock have been repeatedly delayed, investors still have high hopes for the future of this digital currency. Beacon Chain, the Atrium-based network proof network that will merge with the current business proof network, currently has more than 316,000 credentials and about 10 million shares of Atrium shares.

The publication Vitalik Butrin’s interview for Time + Video appeared for the first time in Arzdigital.

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