The largest internet fees in the world: In the future we will accept digital currency for payments

Dara Khosroshahi, the Iranian-American CEO of Uber, the world’s largest internet taxi company, recently said in an interview that her collection will surely start adopting digital currencies as a method of payment in the future. He says company employees are considering the right time to start adopting digital currencies.

According to Crypto Briefing, Khosrowshahi said that customers of this program could “definitely” use digital currency for their future payments. He also confirmed that the company is conducting internal negotiations on digital currencies.

According to Khosrowshahi, the question is not whether to use the technology or not, but the main problem is the right time to start accepting digital currencies in the Uber Internet Taxi application.

In an interview with Bloomberg today, Khosrovshahi said that Uber will “definitely” start accepting digital currencies at some point, adding that people at the company are “constantly talking” about digital currencies.

Khosrovshahi pointed to the high fees and environmental effects associated with “bitcoin and some other digital currencies”, which is why the company has not yet added digital currency payments to its program.

He added:

Despite the value of digital currencies as a tool for storing value, as the process of trading digital currency becomes cheaper and more environmentally friendly, I think you will soon see a little more movement towards the use of these assets.

The $ 68 billion CEO stressed that now is not the time to adopt digital currencies at Uber, but that the company will definitely take “some time” to pay for digital currency.

While Khosrovshahi made some positive remarks about the company’s future during his interview, the price of Uber’s shares fell sharply today and fell by more than 6.5 percent since the news. This is a significant drop compared to the 2.6% drop in the Nasdaq index and the 3.5% drop in the price of bitcoin today.

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