The latest statistics on digital currency donations to Ukraine; More than $ 13 million in less than 4 days

The official page of Ukraine on Twitter The former network officially announced the addresses of its bitcoin and Atrium wallets for donations. The latest figures show that addresses of the Ukrainian government and NGOs have so far received a total of more than $ 13 million in funding. This is probably the first time in history that a country has used digital currency to raise funds to defend itself.

According to Kevin Desk, the Ukrainian government is seeking funding using digital currencies to repel a Russian military coup.

The Ukrainian government’s Bitcoin and Atrium portfolios, announced earlier on Twitter, have so far received a total of about $ 7 million in digital currency. At the time of writing, the atrium portfolio of the Ukrainian government has received just over $ 4.82 million in funding. The Bitcoin wallet has received more than $ 2.32 million so far, some of which (about $ 200,000) has already been withdrawn.

The official Twitter accounts of the Ukrainian government and Mikhail Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation and Deputy Prime Minister, provided addresses of government portfolios for donations to Bitcoin, Atrium and Tetra.

Initially, due to the fear of consumers being hacked from the accounts of the Ukrainian government, the amount of financial assistance for the listed addresses was very small. While these tweets were sent from verified accounts, Atrium co-founder Vitalik Butrin expressed doubts about the validity of the donation request. Butrin later said the accounts were legitimate and linked to the Ukrainian government, and deleted his warning message.

However, representatives of the Ukrainian government were not immediately available for comment on the tweets, and the country’s official website does not seem to be working.

In the early hours of the tweet, wallet holdings reached about $ 435,000 in digital currency, and later the bitcoin wallet contained about $ 500,000 or 13 bitcoins, while the Atrium wallet held about $ 3. There was $ 6 million, or $ 1.90 of inventory. However, there are indications that some of the bitcoins associated with the addresses of the Ukrainian government have already been removed from the wallet.

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This is not the first time digital currencies have been used to help Ukrainians fight Russian aggression. A wallet that raises money to support the Ukrainian military has previously received about $ 6 million in bitcoins.

The latest statistics on digital currency donations to Ukraine; More than $ 13 million appeared in Digital Currency for the first time in less than 4 days.

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