The new rival S19 Pro has arrived; Check the specifications of the new bitcoin miner

Canaan, one of the largest companies involved in the production of bitcoin miners, presented a few days ago its new ASIC model called Avalon 1266 (Avalon 1266). The miner is technically something between “S19” and “S19 Pro” from Bitmain, but now executives claim that the main feature of this new model is its strength and durability.

Kenan, a maker of bitcoin mining equipment, has just unveiled its new ASIC miner, Ovalon 1266, according to Kevin Desk. The company said it intends to launch a new investment model in the ISIC mining market and expects the sector to grow faster than ever.

One of the company’s executives announced at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami that the Ovalon 1266 will have a processing power of 100 processing per second (TH / s) and an energy efficiency of 35 processing joules (J / T). The new model is an improvement over the Ovalon 1246, which had a processing power of 90 hp. and a power of 38 joules per hp.

Compared to these bitcoin diggers with a non-liquefied cooling system, the new Kenan model has technical specifications between the S19 model with a hashrate of 95 torque per second and energy efficiency of 34.5 joules per torque and the S19 Pro model with 110 torque hashrate per second and energy efficiency of 29.5 joules per torque. However, BitMine’s latest product, called the Antminer S19 XP Hyd, is much more powerful than the Ovalon 1246 with its liquid cooling system, 255 processors per second processing power and 20.8 joules of energy efficiency.

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During the conference in Miami, MicroBT also introduced a new product called WhatsMiner M50S with a processing power of 126 hp. and a power of 26 joules per hp. It is worth mentioning that the microbial model was introduced before the Kenan product.

“What makes the new miner valuable is his strength and endurance,” said Edward Lou, Kenan’s senior vice president.

He said:

If you buy our miners, you can use them for life. You do not need to change or change your device every year. A good miner must be resistant not only to long shifts, but also to different work environments.

A new rival S19 Pro arrives;  Check the technical specifications of the new miner
Edward Lowe, senior vice president, along with the Ovalon 1266 model at the Bitcoin 2022 conference.

Lou also said Kenan is setting up global digging services to provide customers with faster support for their miners. According to Lou, the new device and subsequent models can work with both “air-cooled” and “float-cooled” systems. Floating coolers are systems in which part of the hardware is immersed directly in a specific non-conductive liquid to reduce its temperature.

It is worth mentioning that the price of Avalon 1266 has not yet been announced.

The ISIC mining market will grow faster than ever

Participants expect the ISIC miner market to continue to grow faster than ever; As customers and manufacturers become more professional, more and more key players are joining the industry.

Lou said of the market situation of ISIC miners:

Today, this market is more professional than ever, and new key international players are entering the market. I believe that this market really has more potential for growth and development.

Intel, one of the giants in the computer processor industry, recently unveiled its second-generation mining chip, which has a capacity of 26 joules per extraction, and extractors who want to increase their processing power can be customized to suit their needs. .

According to Le, Intel’s entry into the bitcoin mining equipment market is a positive stimulus that increases competition in the industry and contributes to its faster growth.

Lou says:

The industry has been a bit mysterious in the past. Now the entry of large companies into the market shows that this industry has good potential for growth.

Lou added that large companies like Intel do not enter small industries; Unless they see significant growth potential in them.

According to Lou, another aspect of the entry of giants like Intel into the mining industry is that it increases competition in the ISIC mining market and encourages existing companies to invest more.

In this regard, he said:

I think that with the arrival of Intel, Kenan and other companies in the industry, they need to be well prepared to compete in technology and services. I think the arrival of Intel will really help improve this industry.

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