The price of Metavar land has fallen by 18% in the last month

According to the latest statistics, the price of virtual domains sold on platforms active in the field of Metaars has fallen by an average of 18% in the last month. However, the one-year return on investment in these virtual fields is still higher than Atrium’s digital currency.

According to statistics for the Meta Metriks platform, the average purchase price of land in the top 30 active platforms in Metavars, including Disenterland and Sandbox, has fallen 18% in the past month from a peak of $ 10,473. Now the dollar is $ 8,945.

The price of these licenses has decreased, while the value of tokens related to platforms operating in the Metavars area has also decreased over the last 6 months.

For example, the current price of the digital currencies Disentrand (Mana), Sandbox and Oxy Infiniti is between 55% and 65% of the historical highs recorded in November.

Let us add that the average purchase price of these lands in March was four times higher than last year.

The price of Metavar land has fallen by 18% in the last month
Graph of average changes in the price of Metavari for each month.

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Land prices on the blockchain platforms Decentralland, Sandbox and Fluf World have fallen the most in the last month, falling by 49, 23 and 44 percent, respectively. On the other hand, the price of land on the Metroverse and NFT Worlds platforms increased by 27% and 6%, respectively.

The price of Metavar land has fallen by 18% in the last month
Changes in the price of Metavari under each platform.

Despite Metavar’s declining dollar value over the past month, one-year investment in these areas still yields better returns than Atrium’s purchases and maintenance over the same period.

By the end of March (April 11), the return on one-year investment in metatarsal fields was up to 2.6 times better than Atrium, while the price of these flights decreased in the last month, but the price of Atrium increased during this period.

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