The Program and Budget Committee objected to the government’s ban on supplying electricity to miners

There is an article in the bill for violating the country’s electricity industry, which says the government must prevent the distribution of electricity to miners until the digital currency law is passed. However, the Parliament’s Program and Budget Committee opposed the disputed article and called for a proposal to remove it from the bill publicly.

According to Arzdigital Digital and quoting the House of the Nation, ‌ Seyed Mohammad Reza Mirtajaldini, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Program, Budget and Accounts of Parliament, explaining yesterday’s meeting of this committee on the supply of electricity to diggers in digital currency, said:

The bill for development and dismantling of the country’s electricity industry was sent to the Program and Budget Committee for consideration as a subcommittee, and a number of members were considered in the presence of Deputy Minister Samat. At that meeting, the commission specifically discussed Article 16 on the government’s obligation to provide electricity for the production of cryptocurrencies.

Mirtaja al-Dini added:

This issue was not entirely clear, and according to this article, the government must prevent the distribution of electricity for cryptographic activities until the law on cryptography is passed, which the members of the commission opposed; As many have already made a commitment and built a power plant, it has been announced that the proposal to remove this article will be made public.

The publication Program and Budget Committee opposes the government’s ban on electricity supply to miners appeared for the first time in Arzdigital.

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