The story of a man who lost $ 120,000 in digital currency with one click

A Reddit user recently said he lost $ 120,000 in assets in his digital currency wallets after clicking on a link that appears to be linked to a malicious file. He said he had reported the theft to the authorities, but there was nothing they could do about it.

According to Fortune, crimes related to digital currencies are on the rise, and stories such as the man who lost $ 120,000 in digital currency after clicking a malicious URL show that consumers who do not follow the capital of security tips. , may be at risk.

A Redofite user of PowerofTheGods, who has been investing in digital currencies since 2016, is investing in a Nano S book, a hardware portfolio and four Metamask addresses. His assets were recently stolen. When he checked his bills in December, he suddenly noticed that they were empty. At the time, these assets were valued at more than $ 120,000.

He later discovered that hackers had stolen his assets after clicking on a malicious address.

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The number of stories like this investor is increasing. According to available statistics, in 2021, about $ 14 billion worth of digital currency was stolen during criminal activities, an increase of 79 percent over the previous year.

A Reddit user who lost $ 120,000 in assets in one of the thefts wrote in the Reddit cryptocurrency community that he lost his capital by clicking on a malicious URL while surfing. . Ledger’s wallet was apparently unlocked at the time, and malware took control of his browser and then emptied his wallet in minutes.

The consumer claims to have reported the theft of his assets to the authorities, but they cannot do anything about it, as the digital currency area does not yet have specific legislation. It is worth mentioning that after he shared his story on Reddit, other users were found who also claim to have had a similar experience.

The story of a man who lost $ 120,000 in digital currency with one click first appeared in Digital Currency.

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