The story of a photographer who left his full-time job to work in the NFT market

Every day we hear more and more stories about people who have made a lot of money selling NFT tokens and their lives have changed in some way. This time it is about a black woman who has managed to use her photographic skills to sell her works of art in NFT format and significantly increase her personal income.

According to CryptoSlate, digital currency enthusiasts believe that this industry can change people’s lives forever. The life stories of many people confirm this.

The life of Brittany Pierre, a 36-year-old woman who has struggled with her meager salary for years, changed when she stumbled upon the NFT.

The life of the employees was an ideal situation for the old man; Until he found out that his close friend named Elise Swopes had managed to earn about $ 17,600 by selling one of her works through one of the counterfeit token markets.

The old British success made him decide to try his hand in the NFT industry. Pierre first used two sources to learn more about how NFT works; His girlfriend Elise and of course the internet.

About a month after Pierre learned the skills needed to work in the NFT space, he released his first NFT package for sale. Although the price of each of his unique tokens was no more than a few hundred dollars, the proceeds from their sale exceeded the total amount he had ever earned through his monthly salary.

Pierre had come to the conclusion that he was making good money by selling his first NFT package; Because that money was just as much as his rent.

When the first collection was sold, the old man found another full-time job. However, he decided to quit his job and dedicate all his time to NFT. This decision later changed his life forever.

Last year, he made more than $ 100,000 by selling his artwork in the NFT market; An income he described in a recent interview as changing the course of his life.

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Pierre explained that this income not only meets his basic needs, but also allows him to make ends meet. With this money he bought better photography equipment and now he wants to buy a Tesla car and a house with his savings.

He said of the experience:

Not only NFT, but digital currencies in general can help the poor, especially the black community.

Interestingly, Pierre is not the only person whose life has changed forever with his extraordinary history in the NFT industry. Earlier, Benjamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old British-Pakistani boy, earned about $ 400,000 from the sale of his NFT series Weird Whales.

In addition, a 22-year-old Indonesian student named Sultan Gustav Al Gozali became a millionaire by selling his NFT on the open market.

The story of a photographer who left his full-time job to work in the NFT market first appeared in Arzdigital.

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