The story of a programmer who increased his capital 250 times by buying and selling NFT!

Recently, a blockchain programmer interested in the field of non-unique tokens managed to turn his 0.6 atrium into more than 150 atriums by investing in the NFT market. He has provided advice to those who are interested in investing in the NFT market so that they can have a good experience of working in that market.

According to CryptoGlobe, on February 14 (February 25), an NFT trader in a long tweet shared his experience of making money using the excitement and huge capital sent to the NFT market.

The Twitter user, nicknamed Cirrus, claims to have made nearly $ 500,000 without using “white lists”, bots or NFT offers. He says he has focused on only two projects in the NFT space and advises others to repeat what they did, finding a proven project instead of looking at different projects.

Whitelisting is a process in which NFT project developers set a specific time frame for the addresses of their original fans so that they can register NFT per collection in the Chinese blockchain during this period. By doing so, consumers can somehow avoid competition when paying high network fees.

Sears is investing in the Lazy Lions package, which is about 2.5 times more expensive than when NFT was purchased in August 2021. According to him, the relatively average increase in the project price shows that smart retailers can make a lot of money without the project market needs to rise sharply.

The trader said investors should study the characteristics and benefits of their chosen project, which can take hours, but this is “the most important step in the buying process” of NFT. He said he watched the token list for a month before making sure he invested in the Mutant Punks collection.

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Sears said new investors should focus on their liquidity instead of allocating all their capital to a single transaction.

Sears wrote on Twitter:

It is usually a mistake to buy all your capital. A slight downtrend and the price of kits reaching the bottom may hurt you in the short term, and you will not have the capital to buy cheap NFT from frightened sellers in the event of a market downturn. Now I get excited when I see a downward trend. Periods where fear is rampant in the market are the best opportunity to buy. Buy when everyone is scared and sell when everyone is excited.

He advised retailers to work in the Discord Channel projects market to gain the trust of community members in various projects and get a chance at private deals with them. Sears said this type of transaction has saved him 6.5% of fees so far.

Sears said at the end of his speech:

Choose a sustainable project. Be so familiar with the price trend that when you look at each of the NFT 10,000 kits, you can immediately see which one is on sale today. See the list of NFT in the collection. Be price sensitive to sell NFT fast. Connect with others and gain their trust.

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