The story of the formation of a great dream

In the early 1400s, when we hosted the Fa, we reached 20,000 active hosts, which was a huge success for Fa hosting, and I think the best thing a brand can do for development is when a brand is so happy and active. in order to refrain from further development and focus on current customers, satisfied current customers, host Fa itself is a very large army to achieve the company’s next goals, our idea was to focus all our attention on Satisfying these same customers, what could be better and wiser than that?

In the city we have heard many times that it is said that a restaurant or shop lost its quality when it was rented and arranged for it, so we actually watched this story, but we at Fa host have an active level of the client. We arrived and said that from now on, if our whole focus is on improving the speed and quality and supporting the same current customers, this will be the biggest possible goal. But how to achieve this goal?

Most of Fa’s hosting clients are hosted on WordPress and WooCommerce, and they are the company’s most important clients, and in the survey we received from them, they also wanted better speed and stronger support from us. , all goals to improve We wrote we reduce the quality of services we had and create a serious plan to achieve these goals. We put the processes under the microscope and plan to improve the quality of every request that comes to the huge network of servers hosted by the Fa.

In the next video we will accompany you and the missions of this unit in the form of a video from the opening of the NOC website of the Fa host.

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Writing the story of the formation of a great dream first appeared in the knowledge base of the host.

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