The value of digital currencies donated to Ukraine reached $ 38 million

According to the latest statistics, the total value of digital currencies donated to Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental organizations has reached $ 38 million to date. Among these donations is the name of one of the most iconic tokens (NFT) from the famous CryptoPunks collection.

According to Kevin Desk, on Tuesday NFT № 5364 was transferred from the Cryptopanx collection to the Atrium portfolio of the Ukrainian government. NFT has added a significant amount to Ukraine’s total financial assistance, which has so far exceeded $ 37.9 million in digital currency.

Estimates differ from the value of this NFT donated to the Ukrainian government. Tom Robinson of the Elliptic China Blockchain Institute announced a $ 200,000 donation late Tuesday. The DeepNFTvalue website, which uses machine learning to estimate the cost of rare NFTs, is estimated to cost $ 233,000.

NFT recorded its last sale in February 2021 at $ 31,300. The address of the donor’s portfolio shows that there are several more NFT cryptocurrencies.

The value of digital currencies donated to Ukraine reached $ 38 million
Cryptopunk № 5364.

The token was issued amid news of an accelerated digital currency campaign in Ukraine. On February 26, the Ukrainian government officially began receiving subsidies for digital currency. On Tuesday alone, when the record for donations was broken, more than $ 10 million was raised through Atrium, Polkadat, Tetra, Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Earlier on Tuesday, Michael Chobanyan, co-founder of Ukraine’s Kuna digital currency exchange, which works with the Ministry of Digital Transformation to fund donations, said at least $ 14 million in digital currency had already been donated. Military and civilian equipment, including food and fuel, was spent.

“Most of the spending is actually done in digital currencies,” Kobanyan said. Earlier, he said that the Kyuna Exchange manages the portfolios of the Ukrainian government. It is worth mentioning that Choobanian has not yet said what they will do with NFT Cryptopank № 5364.

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