The wasbi wallet will no longer allow stolen bitcoins to enter Kevin Joan’s mixer

Wasabi Wallet, whose CoinJoin mixer is one of the services available, intends to prevent malicious URLs from accessing the mixer by flagging some of the fraudulent units of the bitcoin network involved in criminal activity. Slow It is worth mentioning that it is possible to use the Kevin Joven faucet through platforms other than wallets and wallets.

According to The Block, the portfolio and understanding development team recently announced that it is blacklisting bitcoins related to illegal activities and preventing them from accessing Kevin Joven’s mixer. A number of privacy advocates have criticized the move.

The wallet-based privacy wallet, whose Kevin Join mixer is one of the services available, announced on Sunday that it will continue to block certain addresses.

Merchants can use mixer services to hide and track their transaction history. These types of services both protect consumer privacy and attract criminals who want to hide their stolen bitcoins. For example, in 2020, a person hacked Twitter and sent fake messages to various users through popular accounts. Reports from Elliptic China Blockchain Analysis show that the hacker eventually put his stolen funds into Kevin Joan’s service so that they could not be traced. Another report shows that the KuCoin hacker also used this mixer service.

Although Wasabi had banned such illegal activities for some time by setting specific conditions, it now wants to take a more active and stronger approach to preventing them.

This news was reported by a user named Rafe on the social network Twitter. Reef is a member of the platform’s development team, according to a publication on the Wallet and Sabi website.

Reef said:

We are trying to reduce the number of hackers and fraudsters who use this service and cause us problems, and to protect our company and project. The company has a right to do so, but believe me, none of us are happy with that.

According to him, those who use the “zkSNACKs” coordinator, owned by Wasabi, will be blacklisted. The coordinator is a system that organizes the process of combining bitcoins in the wallets of different people. It is important to note that people who use other coordinators will not be blocked from accessing the Kevin Join mixer. It is worth noting that everyone can use their own coordinator.

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In fact, this coordinator has to limit some “UTXO” or “unspent transaction outputs”. Unused Outcomes Transactions are generated mainly every time a person spends (transfers) bitcoin. In most cases, when a trader spends some digital currency, the rest of the balance of his portfolio is considered an unspent output. This shows that the service can specifically block the amount of stolen bitcoins.

Adam Fiskor, the founder of Wallace and Wasabi, also said that the use of Blacklist in Wasabi is a serious obstacle to the problem of bitcoin exchange. Interchangeability means that each bitcoin can be exchanged for another bitcoin.

Fiscour pointed out the glorious days of 2013, when members of the bitcoin community opposed such blacklists. He eventually objected to the restrictions and advocated mixers like Kevin Joan.

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