Those who have helped Ukraine with the digital currency are joining AirDrop

The Ukrainian government plans to hold an air dump to thank consumers who donated digital currency to Russia during the war. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

According to Kevin Desk, the official Twitter account of the Ukrainian government, today it announced that the country will conduct an air descent for users who have donated to the official addresses of their wallets.

Ukraine’s Twitter page wrote:

AirDrop approved. Snapshot This airdrop will take place on March 3 (March 11) from 18:00 Kyiv time (19:30 Tehran time). Follow us on Twitter to get prizes!

A snapshot is the specific time or date on which inventory and activity of AirDrop-related addresses are recorded. If the address qualifies for AirDrop when making a Snapshot, he may continue to receive his share of the announced amount.

During airdrops, digital currency projects send their tokens in bulk and for free to select users to encourage them to interact more with the project. Earlier in 2021, the El Salvador government paid $ 30 in bitcoins to its citizens. However, on Thursday, for the first time in history, a country is scheduled to launch aerial dumping to thank digital currency grants; It is also for consumers who are mostly foreigners.

Ukraine began adopting digital currencies as a fundraiser on February 26, when Russian troops entered the country. The government accepts subsidies in the form of Bitcoin, Atrium, Tetra and Polkadat.

As previously reported, Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental organizations have so far received about $ 38 million in digital currency grants.

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