Warning for Apple Scam owners: Change your iCloud settings

A security issue has recently been identified for owners of Apple products, indicating that the words in the recovery wallet for users of these devices are automatically stored in iCloud. Metamsk warns that users must change the settings of this service to prevent theft of their assets.

According to Kevin Telegraph, ConsenSys, the developer of the Metamsk digital currency portfolio, has warned customers of Apple products using the iCloud service about a new security issue.

The security issue with the iPhone, Mac, and iPad series is due to the default settings of these devices. If users have enabled the automatic backup of the iCloud service for data related to their applications, their passwords or retrieval passwords will also be stored in this service.

Metamsk tweeted on April 18 that users could lose their capital if their Apple ID password is not strong enough and an attacker could steal their iCloud account information.

To resolve this issue, users must disable the iCloud automatic backup option in the Metamsk application.

The Metamsk team said:

If you have enabled the iCloud backup service for your data, keep in mind that this backup also includes the password for your Metamsk wallet. If the password for your account is not strong enough and someone steals your iCloud data, it can also steal your digital currencies.

Metamsk made the announcement when a user named “revive_dom” tweeted that he had lost all of his portfolio capital. He, who collects NFT tokens, announced on April 15 that $ 650,000 had been stolen from his digital assets and NFT because of the problem.

Serpent, the founder of the DAPE NFT project, also shared the story of the victims on Twitter with 277,000 followers.

According to the company, the fraudsters have repeatedly sent fake messages asking the victim to change his Apple ID password. He allegedly received a fake call from Apple, which later turned out to be a fake caller ID.

The victim not only did not suspect the caller, but also gave them a six-digit code to prove that he is the owner of the device. The fraudsters then closed the phone and logged into its iCloud account using data stored in the iCloud service.

Serpent finally asked its followers to pay attention to the following points:

  • Use cool wallets to store your valuable assets.
  • Never share your verification codes with anyone.
  • Protect your information and do not share your personal phone number or email with anyone.
  • People who call you can easily falsify their information. Companies like Apple will never contact you.

Following Metamsk’s comments, revive_dom said he was disappointed with the company.

He explained:

I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it, but they should have informed us. They tell us not to store our words for extraction in digital form and then do it ourselves without our knowledge. If 90% of people know this, I bet none of them will use apps like Metamsk and services like iCloud.

Throughout history, most of the digital currency community has supported revive_dom, and many have stressed the importance of using cold wallets and taking precautions when storing digital assets in hot wallets.

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