Warning: Tokens sold under the name Kevin Market Cap are counterfeit

Two days ago, a new section of the Kevin Market Cap website published a message about the official pre-sale of a token on the platform, which redirected the link to a fake page for depositing digital currency at an unknown address. As it turns out, this message is related to the hackers who managed to break into the official website of the Kevin Market Cup team in this section.

According to Crypto News, some time ago, unknown individuals hacked Kevin Market Cap’s official account on the social network of the crypto city (CrypTown) in order to deceive users active in the field of digital currency, and published links in it, which eventually turned out to be buying fake tokens on this platform. Cryptown Town is one of the new sections of the Quinn Market Cup website, where users and various projects can post similar tweets.

According to images posted by users, the official Queen Market Cap account in Cryptown Town shared a post that was actually information about the pre-sale of tokens on this platform. The publication, titled “Kevin Market Cap Official Promoter”, invites users to click on a seemingly fake link to purchase CMC tokens.

Screenshots posted by Kevin Market Cap
Screenshots related to the publication of the hackers on the official website of the Kevin Market Cup.

While Kevin Marketcap did not speak directly about the incident, he warned users in a statement that their team would never ask for money, private wallet keys or other personal information from platform users and that messages with similar content would be sent to the team. to do.

The team on this platform said:

Kevin MarketCap is an active digital currency data collection service with no pre-sale tokens. Beware of fraudsters who misuse our name.

Experts say it was very easy to find out about this scam. Dmitry Mishunin, founder and CEO of HashEx, a China-based technical consulting firm, said:

The attackers involved in the attack asked consumers to deposit money to a third party. It is unlikely that such a large company would want to sell tokens without a smart contract and simply introduce a portfolio on its site.

From the beginning of 2022 until now, crimes related to digital currencies have maintained a growing trend. This can be seen in the number and size of recent hacks. One of those big hacks is the theft of more than $ 600 million of digital currency from Ronin, the network owned by the Chinese blockbuster game Axie Infinity, which is also the biggest theft in the history of digital currencies.

The publication Warning: Tokens sold under the name Kevin Market Cap are counterfeit, first appeared in Digital Currency.

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